More coverage of San Francisco photo gallery show opening, “Furries & Despair”

by Patch O'Furr

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“Furries & Despair” happened on 11/7/14. It was super successful. It featured portraits of fursuiters from Further Confusion by Ron Lussier, and Bobby Pin’s urban decay photos from Detroit. The show was packed with people having fun in and out of costume. You don’t often see such energy at a gallery.

Courtesy of Bobby Pin:

Thank you again for everybody that came out and supported our work. We hope you guys had a great time. It was great seeing everyone.
BAMM did an amazing job filming the opening night. Please give them some love.
Check out the wonderful video they did for the Furries & Despair Show:

I recently talked to a Canadian fur, who had thought about flying down for the series of four back-to-back events that weekend. That was exactly the hoped-for appeal of the lineup. The success will lead to planning another one, at the next open time of the season (possibly in April.)

The lineup was: a live public fursuit crawl, an art happening, a fetish party, and a club/dance night.

There’s an interesting benefit from staging this in a dense urban environment, with many nearby furries.  It’s the potential to grow it from the ground up. You can coordinate many events (like a festival) in walking distance, without a heavy commitment to book a hotel and sell all the rooms. People can pick their own accommodations from many nearby choices, from bargain to posh. San Francisco may be the #1 location for such a concept.

I think the art ingredient is key to making this more than just another party. It’s a new concept for a thriving subculture.

Can anyone suggest new ideas for art happenings?

(It could be a Furry Film Festival, “an idea whose time has come” – but that would be a major endeavor by itself and best to build up to in time.)