Mainstream advertising: “More and more, Furries are being hinted at in marketing media!”

by Patch O'Furr

No – this isn’t about regular anthro animals, or mascots like Tony the Tiger (as fabulous as he is.)

However, this regular Symbicort “wolf” ad has kept bringing occasional traffic since I posted it in the summer.  People seem to want more of the animation:

There’s a million regular ads. Let’s focus on ones with specific awareness of Furry subculture.

First… the newest one I’ve seen: “Cage Dancing, bicurious furries.”

It’s a Slo Down Wines commercial from January 2015.  The title is “Boxers/Furries”. They aim for outrageous, and have other commercials with S&M scenes.

S.F. Bay Area furries, Yippee and Microdile, got fursuit stardom in this computer company ad:

Who can forget the most outrageous ads, from Orangina in France?
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.03.08 PM

These need no introduction, but: Calling All Furries: Orangina “Anytime” … and: The Strange, Sexy, Furry Orangina Ads.

On the subway in NYC:  Casper Mattress company.

Wider view of more parts of the ad here.

Here’s another mattress-related ad.  I guess we represent “soft and fluffy” well:

“What you sleep in is your business.”

At Pride in San Francisco, in the Castro:

This was on a train during Furry Weekend Atlanta:


Do you know any more?  Leave a comment!

Edit: Found another! DC Metro’s ad campaign:

4RZMU9cEdit: I forgot to add this- it’s not marketing to the public, but 3D social network IMVU targeted furries with an appearance at Fur Con 2015.

… And a few days after I added that line, they just bought FurAffinity.

On Flayrah, Greenreaper’s response deepens this topic quite a bit:

There have been instances of corporate sponsorship at conventions (e.g. Monster Energy drinks and Furry Weekend Atlanta), and Second Life and LiveJournal have recognized the impact of furries in the past, but external investments and acquisitions of furry businesses are uncommon.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 6.46.18 PM

Update, January 2016: Puzzle Cheetah fursuits in ‘Subway’ ad in the UK.