Fur Dance news – musicians and authors discover furries. Newsdump (3/29/15)

by Patch O'Furr

Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Tips are always welcome. 


Fandom News


San Francisco and “Furclub” activity.

Organizers let me have an inside view of the second Wild Things party coming up in April in San Francisco.  November’s first event caused high traffic here and was a great success. Look for an update soon.

There was talk about Frolic dance party attracting furries for 5+ hour driving from Southern California. They have the long running Prancing Skiltaire house party, but they say they don’t have anything like Frolic.  Carloads have been coming more and more often.  They’re considering getting a bus.  Every month, 300+ attendees have been packing the dance to capacity.  The “furclub” movement is growing all over the place.  Organizer Neonbunny is open to lend the name to anyone who wants to use it.  In Europe, Cologne Fur Dance is said to draw 5-600 goers for two dances a year since 2008.

download (1)Author of “Funnybooks” learns what Furry Fandom is.

Fred Patten’s review got back to the author:

And for a review of Funnybooks written from a different perspective, that of “furry fandom,” let me refer to you Fred Patten’s review at this link. What is “furry fandom,” you may ask? I’m really not quite sure how to describe it, even though the phenomenon has attracted growing media coverage. Best you visit Fred’s “Dogpatch Press” site and explore “furry fandom” for yourself. Fred says of Funnybooks that it’s “the story of the comic-book publisher whose works did more than any others’ to inspire furry fandom,” and that should give you a clue as to what “furry fandom” is all about.

Remember Shawn Keller’s Horrifying Look at the Furries?

It’s been a long time, but he’s making new animation. Gorgeous!  Check his history to see a cartoon series he started 7 months earlier.

Conroomies offers new resource for room sharing at cons.


In the Media


Fur Trade: When a Niche Community Goes Corporate.

A Bay Area furry does an interview about the IMVU purchase of Fur Affinity.  It’s on a blog from Penguin Random House publishers.  I can’t recommend this because it spreads what looks like dubious rumors.  But it’s interesting where the topic landed.

Joe Rogan Discusses Furries.

It’s the typical attack humor that might be funny to outsiders who haven’t heard it beaten to death. (Did he say human sized cat box at a furry party?)

Lenovo bear-suit ad.


Further fun


Teddy bear forum (and lots of other creatures too.)

A random find. Some of these custom hand-made creations are amazing works of art.  I can totally see fursuit collectors getting a big thrill in a small package from these.  Suit makers – check their library full of crafting tips and methods.  I’ll bet fursuits could benefit from some of their techniques.

Animal Costume Game Show: Wild Things.

On Sky TV.  (I’m sure the “family entertainment show” doesn’t want to know that a San Francisco fetish party also uses the common title…)

Bay Area indie rappers MC Crumbsnatcher and Kreayshawn fur it up.  

When Crumby was making his first video with furries, I posted about both of these artists. Now Crumby has his 4th music video, including Neonbunny and me.  (Too bad my joking around like a furry dog drinking out of the bowl of a toilet-costuming dancer didn’t make the cut.)  Don’t watch if you’re easily offended.  This is NSFW, comedic bad taste, gay nerdcore rap.  I think it’s due for a longer post soon.

Someone’s a latecomer to a trend… ha.  Well, following Andrew WK’s example isn’t bad.