Friends help beat cancer, Furry art gallery, Big Weird Cow… Newsdump (4/8/15)

by Patch O'Furr

Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Tips are always welcome. 


Fandom News


2420190f-da87-4a4a-ae07-51b15c93a1faFurries donate thousands to help Draces beat cancer – He faces $90,000 in medical bills.

The donor page shows many furries pitching $100 or more each. The current total is around half of a $10,000 goal. On FurAffinity, Draces posted:

I want to thank everyone, especially my friends here that set up the donation page for me. I was asked if it would be okay for them to set up a page to collect donations for me. I told them if they want to they could but I really don’t expect to get much. Wow, was I surprised at how wrong I was. I can’t thank everyone enough for the amount of shares the page has gotten and how much was raised in such a short time… I want to hug each and everyone of you.

Furry art show reception, 4/4/15 in Santa Ana, CA. 

From Sy Sable, supreme leader of long running furry house The Prancing Skiltaire:

This will be our 3rd year displaying a collection of art from local furry artists at the Avantgarden Gallery.  This Saturday (4-4-15) is the reception, during the monthly Art Walk in Santa Ana, CA, 7-10 PM.

Camp Feral had a big announcement on April 1. 

The furry summer camp was established in 1998. It sold to the chair of Condition:Furry, CajunFox.  Sources tell me that Potoroo was paid his weight in bacon.





San Francisco furries got nice coverage from The Bold Italic magazine – who just shut down.

Just a week or two ago, the magazine’s editor Jeremy Lybarger told me:

I’m genuinely curious what impact SF’s rising rents has had on communities like the furries…it can’t have been positive.

The surprise brought a fair amount of sadness among local readers, and no explanation – but everyone blamed the difficulty of news media staying profitable, and the insane costs of the most expensive city.   The online magazine was “a hyperlocal media experiment” owned by old-school newspaper giant Gannett Media, who’s doing lots of layoffs and losing properties.  It’s too bad to lose this adventurous source. Check their “furries” tag for a great article that I love to link about Frolic furry dance.

The Daily Show’s furry joke.


Further fun


Kid’s book uses lion characters for a very grown up topic.why-is-dad-so-mad-order-now-graphic-2

“Brother Bear” animation director shares amazing hand-drawn animation.

Aaron Blaise shares his work.  So much character! Good use of minimal drawings with maximum timing. Doing it right.  Drawn digitally with a Wacom Cintiq and TVPaint.

Fursuiter of the week. – Can fursuiting get some more amazing and trippy characters like this? PLEASE!!!