Pride in Furry Mecca – Viral views for Zootopia – Crushing on foxes – Newsdump (6/22/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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From 2014, via

On June 28, San Francisco Pride is going to be awesome for furries!

The Bay Area Furries are all ready to march in the parade.  Pride is the height of street fair season in “Furry Mecca”.  It’s one of the most loved activities for an active section of the community.  2014 was the first Furry appearance in the parade since 2005. They had attendance of 50+, and TV coverage with a million-strong audience.  RSVP’s are 25% stronger than last year, with days left to grow.  Two leaders got the event organized, despite unavailability of an important third from last year.

Califur visited by television naturalist Figgy Dobbs.

An Inside Look at the Furries in Their Natural Habitat!

Buzzfeed podcast covers furries (via earthfurst).

BuzzFeed’s Internet Explorer does “A Deep Dive Into Furries”.  It starts at 6:45.  I missed this in April.  It calls furries “the greatest mystery of the internet”.  As usual, Buzzfeed is a dubious source – it mentions FurryMate but overlooks their bots.  I won’t forgive them for spreading lies about the NJ FurBQ Hoax.

Reminded me of this great music video with fursuits by Komickrazi.

From a great music vid- suits by Komickrazi.

Letter: Furries nothing to be afraid of.

Michigan’s Squamish Chief newspaper prints a letter to the editor about an absurd Police Blotter item:

Suspicious activity: Two adults dressed in “furry” fox costumes were approaching young children at Stan Clarke Park on Friday, May 29, police report. When one of the characters offered a young girl a piggyback ride, the mother of the girl became uncomfortable and took her daughter away, according to police. She reported the incident to police the next day. Police say suspicious activities such as this should be reported to police as soon as possible.

Beware of piggyback rides… to HELL!  It seems the local stooges have a poor track record of solving real problems. “Catch a tiger by the tail? Michigan animal control fooled by furry, life-sized stuffed tiger.

Disney’s Zootopia trailer went viral.

The trailer has 6 million views as this posts.  It’s saturated with comments about furries.  It’s not the same as the 860% Google search bump that happened last December after the sad Midwest Furfest chlorine incident, but this kind of attention is more meaningful. The “furry” word had no headlines this time.  It’s natural recognition.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 7.10.03 AM

Notice that Big Hero 6 and Frozen took months of time to reach 6 million views that Zootopia got in days.  See view charts in the 1:00-2:00 time of the video below. (The rest may not be necessary… and you got me with that prank still frame, Youtube video guy!)

I refuse to believe that they had no intention to get Furry attention.  And Fred’s comment bears repeating…

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.11.04 AM

Can’t wait to know more about Zootopia?

Exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes looks at Zootopia will happen at Disney’s D23 Expo on August 15.  Crossaffliction at Flayrah shared an article I missed:

Another scene, still unfinished, showed Judy and Nick entering a club where animals have rejected clothes and decided to return to a “natural” way of life. “This is Disney animation’s first nude scene,” said Lasseter as Judy prudishly picked her way through the cavorting pigs, giraffes and bison. “It’s been a long time coming.”

When I was 12, I was so fascinated by how he doesn't wear pants...

His freedom from pants was so fascinating when I was 12.

Pixar voice talent picks the Hottest Disney Prince.

Mindy Kaling, from Inside Out, says it’s Robin Hood. Celebs crushing on Disney foxes is practically a weekly occurrence. Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne pick Maid Marian.

An Artist Reimagines Disney Animals As Humans.

Buzzfeed throws up some art. The artist got near two million views but is asking support to draw more.

Anthrocon shares a message from the San Diego Chicken.

In “99 Percent Invisible radio show presents a thrilling history of mascots” – I reported about mascot performance that the Chicken gets major credit for establishing.  I don’t know if enough people understand how awesome it is to have him as Guest of Honor at Anthrocon!  See their announcement here.

“Mainstream” in furry discussion.

Zootopia, Sly Cooper, and more! Suddenly Mainstream?” – check this underpopulated subreddit that goes beyond art sharing.  Join it!  And on the main Furry subreddit – “Anyone else notice that furries are suddenly becoming popular?