Furry fan among 500 injured by Taiwan explosion – medical funding needed.

by Patch O'Furr

Colored powder being sprayed over a festival stage was ignited by surprise, causing a mid-air explosion over festival goers.  The accident happened at Formosa Fun Coast, a water park in Taiwan.  Roughly 500 are reported injured, including over 200 in critical condition.  Photos show chaos and graphic injuries, especially to feet and legs of the victims who were unable to escape.  The horror of the scenes stand in sharp contrast to the park’s colorful inflated inner tubes that were pressed into service as emergency stretchers to carry victims to safety.  The sad scenes should be avoided by sensitive viewers.

Alex H., the victim that the furry community is asked to help, is said to be an enthusiastic artist who was teaching overseas.  His Twitter account, a few appeals from furry friends, and a donation from Uncle Kage are community connections I can see as the story is just spreading.

To help with emergency medical expenses, please visit this GoFundMe page.


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