It’s the “Idea Channel” for furries – Culturally F’d on Youtube.

by Patch O'Furr

Sometimes the Dogpatch Press tip account gets extra cool messages.  Here’s what new friend Arrkay sent:

We here love what you guys post online and what your content does for the fandom, so we hope you’ll take some time to check out what we’re doing!

Where does the love of anthropomorphics come from? How far back can we dig in history and mass media to really get to the bottom of it? Why does every culture across the face of the earth have a fascination with animal-people?

Arrkay got me excited to know more. The show summaries are gold… (everything I’d love to expose here.)  Let him explain it in his words:title_card

An all new Furry YouTube show has come on the scene: Culturally F’d.  

Culturally F’d explores the furries of the past and present, climbing the ladder of history through mass media in all the different ways humans have blended the properties of man and animal, and why. From Cave Paintings to Comic Books, and everything in between. Culturally F’d is an exploration of what makes everyone just a little bit furry, and what makes furries especially furry.

Culturally F’d does not mean f*cked.  It’s the other F-bomb: “Furry” (or furried, furred, or fluffed. It’s whatever you want it to be!). F’d airs on Youtube every other week, and there are already some episodes up online. There will be more updates here on DogPatch too! So keep your ears perked.

What is Culturally F’d?


It’s trying to be almost a V-Sauce or Idea Channel, but for the furry community. Check out what’s released so far:

1.  Introduction  – Defining “Anthropomorphic” and the overall goals of the channel.

2.  Distant Ancestors – The story of the discovery of the Lascaux cave and some of the anthro artifacts from pre-history.

3.  The Old Gods and the New – Arrkay takes a look at the gods of ancient Egypt and Rome: Horus, Isis and Pan and their transition into a christian society.

4.  Myths and Tricksters or How to Trick a Trickster – A spotlight on North American Tricksters Coyote & Brer Rabbit, their origins, and where they are now.

5.  Banned Books – A good number of books featuring anthro animals have been banned in different parts of the world.

6.  Animal Uprisings in Human Cinema – A special broadcast from the future that details the clues left behind in Human cinema of their mistreatment of animals leading up to the great animal revolution!



7. Usagi Yojimbo and Furry Comics – A showcase of a Furry gone mainstream, we look at the rise in Furry Publishing through Stan Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo.



(We have actually filmed all of these in advance, except the bonus episode, and are editing them for release. This is only the first run, and we hope to produce some more once we get into the summer.)

8. TV and Toys – We look at some of the tv shows from the 80’s and 90’s that used “toyetic” strategies to sell us endless toy lines.

9. Furries and the Internet – We look at the earliest days of the internet and the fandom and the formation of Furry Identity.

10. RPGs, MMOs and LARP: Choose your Class – Isn’t it weird that in so many RPG’s there’s the character creation option for an anthro-animal? We also look at the role roleplaying plays within the fandom.

11. Gatherings – How did convention culture get so prominent and popular? Why is it that furries often move in together into all-furry houses?

12. Furryconomics – What is it that furries do exactly? Where we spend our money is a great indication.

13. Conclusions – What was it we were talking about? Why did we even bother? What did we learn? This episode is a look back discussion on this first run.

14. Bonus Episode TBD: Furries and Drag – Comparing performance of Fursuiting and Drag Queens, we will be using footage filmed at Howl Toronto‘s first ever full furry Drag party “The Fur Ball”, on July 11, 2015.

Do you have any ideas for future topics? Want to get involved? Did we miss something or make a factual error? We’re always looking for editors, writers or even guest-hosts. Tweet at us, or post on one of our many walls or send us an email at

You can follow Culturally F’d on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, FurAffinity, Weasyl, and of course subscribe to the channel on YouTube.

Who is Culturally F’d?


culturallyfdArrkay is a Red-winged blackbird from Toronto, who’s curiosity and confirmation bias has led him down the slippery slope to discover the anthropomorphic art of yesterday. He’s the host and writer for Culturally F’d, specializing in regurgitating wikipedia in an entertaining way.

Underbite Dragon is an illustrator from Newfoundland, responsible for the opening titles and art-direction of the project. He’s the man behind the camera and has assisted in the editing process of F’d.

To talk to either of them, the best way is through the account.