Fursuiters were kings at Andrew WK’s Pizza Party in San Francisco.

by Patch O'Furr

Of course this happened in San Francisco – “Furry Mecca”. (Sorry, Pittsburgh… you can borrow that title for one weekend a year, but you have to give it back.)

Andrew WK’s Pizza Party was planned for July 3.  Furries called up the venue, 1015 Folsom, and arranged to be part of the show.  The show managers went out of their way to accommodate fursuiters and help them change. There was a strong turnout for such an awesome happening.

Andrew spun a DJ set.  The party god gave lots of love to furries, invited them on stage, and treated them like rock stars!


There are many more fursuiters in the SFStation photo gallery. This shows the party power that Andrew spreads wherever he goes.  As perhaps the world’s top Furry-endorsing celebrity to the normal world, he’s even cooler because he knows Furries have so much party power too.  He helped show regular people in the crowd that it’s OK to be furry!

I’m so, so sad that I didn’t go. I almost feel like I’ve failed in my job of spreading furry news. This might have been the furriest thing on earth that night.

EDIT: I tried to post Andrew’s thank you, but it had so many hearts and !!!’s in it that it broke WordPress. For real.  Next time he comes near you, bring all your furry friends to party like this.

Here’s a full 15 minute dose of party, if your eyes can even handle this much without popping out and flying across the room.