‘Tail!’ – The party for So Cal Furs gives a Q&A for the Furclub Survey.

by Patch O'Furr


Furclubbing: “A repeat/regular nightclub event by furries for furries.”  It’s a New Thing that’s been spreading since the late 2000’s.  This kind of dance party is independent from conventions.  This builds on the growth of cons, and takes things farther.

It’s more ambitious than events that happen once, house parties, or informal meets.  Those can stay inner-focused for friends who already know each other.   This brings partnership with venues that aren’t hotels, and new supportive interest in the kind of events they host.  It crosses a line to public space.  A stranger may walk in off the street to discover their new favorite thing.  It encourages new blood, and crossover to other scenes. It makes subculture thrive. It’s a movement!

See the list of parties at The Furclub survey.  Any party that gives a Q&A will get a featured article.  Tail! organizer Desoto shares this awesome new event:

Tail! (2015- now)


TAILposter-onlineTail! (complete with an exclamation point) promises to be a popular new gathering for the furries of Southern California, similar to the trailblazing parties Frolic and Foxtrot.  The first one was held in August 2015.  The second is on October 2.

Place and Details:  Executive Suite Bar – 3428 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90804.  $5 after 10 p.m. on Fridays.  21 and up.  “One doesn’t have to drink alcohol, and it is free to get in before 10 p.m.”

Founder and promoter:  Desoto.

“We have held events before, but now we have MUCH more promotion and LOTS of support. I decided to pull this off similar to a much toned down meet I have with furries at a bar called the Silver Fox.  There is karaoke there, but the layout is not optimal for a thing like Tail!!  I always wanted to do something like this and bring people together.  After months of talking about it, I took some ideas from friends and put it together.

I’m glad Raj (the lion on the Tail! banner) asked some prodding questions because if he didn’t, I wouldn’t have known if it was o.k. to arrive in underwear or harnesses.  I just didn’t want to do anything to make us look bad, but people love it.  Long Beach is the city for this.”

Crowd:  “The first Tail! attracted over 60 furs and I estimate even more next month.

Long Beach is the southeast part of LA county.  Tail! attracted people from all surrounding counties as well as San Diego, two counties away and all sorts of cities.  I even think some Bay Area furs may drive down next time.”

Vibe:   “We want this to be an expressive, open event.  Southern California furries need an event like this!  It is meant to be adult themed, but nothing will kill anyone’s eyes.  It is a public bar so anyone can come in, but everyone loves furries there and nothing is closed off except our section downstairs where we are free to change in and out of costume.tail-lineup2

Fursuits HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!  You CAN bring your leather/ rubber/ kink get-ups.  For some reason this is always asked – no, you do not have to own a fursuit to come in. You can be a human.  Shirts and pants are optional, but you MUST cover your privates and wear shoes (or feetpaws.)  Wear anything from fursuits to gear to as little clothing as required (being just undies and something to cover breasts).

Furs are free to come here and not just mingle, not just dance, not just drink, but also karaoke, which was a mighty big hit.  The machine has over 100,000 songs.  There is also pool and Megatouch.  Folks may also enjoy the pole dancing upstairs; the bar holds regular go-go dancers and we will usually be there on “pito” night but it shouldn’t be an issue. This is a very unique bar, it has three levels.

There is also a Denny’s nearby and a Jack In The Box right across the street open until 3 a.m. (dining room, 24 hour drive through otherwise).  Furs can continue to mingle after the bar closes at 2 a.m.”tail-lineup4

Reception and success:  “I heard nothing but praise.  I think it will continue to grow!

Sadly I cannot get a DJ yet.  I tried, and will continue, but the bar has promoters that pay ahead of time and they wouldn’t even let one of my friends, Bucker, play for one hour.  I really think karaoke helps, it’s not found in many places like this… usually it’s just dancing.  I think that’s what attracted some people.  Not everyone likes dancing… maybe they like singing or pool instead.  Everyone expresses themselves differently so options are rad!”

When it happens:  The next Tail! is October 2.  “It’s meant to happen once a month, but not always on the same Friday (due to schedules, conventions, etc.)”

More Details: “PARKING is free at the lot across the street.  You CANNOT bring any liquid with you into the building. (Please tip your bartenders if you drink!)

The bar owner is Lenny Sinatra, an open-minded, friendly descendant of Frank Sinatra. Lenny is into real estate, which is why he took over the Executive Suite a few years ago. He LOVES furries and definitely appreciates our business. Let’s show him just how fun we are!”