Sad Ending for Oklacon – Jungle Book – Furry blogs and games – NEWSDUMP (9/23/15)

by Patch O'Furr

Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Guest posts welcome. Tips:

Oklacon_Temp_LogoOklacon canceled permanently in a tangle of prejudice and bad faith, coinciding with a misbehavior incident.  

Read more via Reddit. Expect a longer article here soon.  The official website has replaced the front page with a final statement.  Oklacon’s history is at Wikifur.

Former FurAffinity Forums taken down by Cease and Desist letter from IMVU.  Tweeted from @fatransparency.

“On Conventions, Cosplay and Furries” – One blogger’s nice personal recounting of how he discovered Furry fandom.

“At Home With The Furries” photographer Tom Broadbent recounts 2008 beginning.  Tom was assigned to cover furries for the UK’s “Bizarre” magazine.

Special Features and Top Articles at Dogpatch Press get illustrations. Thanks to Spalding, the article list has some spiffy new art.


Game & Movie News


New Jungle Book movie trailer (via Poppa Bookworm): “It looks good and the animals will talk, though we only hear one. I can’t wait to hear Christopher Walken as King Louie.”  Fred Patten also posted about it on Flayrah.

8 Lost Disney Animated Movies and Why They Never Got Made.  Anthro interest within. (Shared by Crossafliction at Flayrah.)

Kaylune game launched in September, and asked for a notice at Dogpatch Press.

Visit the game’s site.  “My name is Tyler, and I am the owner of a browser-based online game that features anthropomorphic art and characters! Our game’s world, Kayrth, is inhabited exclusively by our anthro NPCs, and during gameplay, players can interact with these NPCs: compliment them, greet them, etc.”

Dillan KMSPERSONA GaleBakery_Missy

Stories: The Hidden Path (tip from Poppa Bookworm.)

“Here’s an RPG video game for PS4 called “Stories: The Hidden Path” where you play a fox warrior going on adventures.  What stories you experience depend on what choices you make.”  More art at the game website.


Amazing Furry News Coming Soon – #6 Will Make Your Tail Wag Like A Propeller!