Life Changing Furries – Dawgtown and Wes Anderson animation – NEWSDUMP (10/15/15)

by Patch O'Furr

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“Being a Furry can change your life”

It’s a feature for The Stranger in Seattle, sharing some touching personal stories from Rainfurrest.  (That’s a nice change from drama…) Writer Matt Baume previously wrote a pretty good piece about puppy play, including one standard poodle who “presents as fluffy and effeminate”.  (Elsewhere, I really enjoyed getting to know about poodle fursuiter Edward Fuzzypaws, and agree that they are super fancy and should be less rare in the furry scene.)  It’s not furry, but the SEA-PAH (Seattle Pups And Handlers) monthly social meet at The Cuff draws at least a few fursuiters.

Matt posted a video with more content at Reddit’s r/furry (it’s special to see a writer post their own news directly there.) It also came in as a tip from Vox Fox.

Dogpatch Press added to Furry Writer’s Guild as Associate Member.

Already on the “recommended reading” list, now granted the fearsome power to nominate and vote in the Coyotl Awards. This is partly thanks to hosting Fred Patten’s “What the Well-Read Furry Should Read”. (Gratitude to Poppa Bookworm for adding and formatting all those book covers!)

“At the Soda City Comic Con, who’s your alter ego?”

News announcement at The State shares a video they made with local furries. “Soda City Comic Con is the premiere pop culture event in South Carolina, bringing together the best in comics, toys, cosplay, gaming and artists that Columbia has ever seen!”

Update about Dawgtown, the indie hand-drawn animated movie in production.

Jacksonville movie animator takes on tough topic: ‘Gladiator’ in a dog-fighting ring. After 16 months of work, here’s new press notice. An animatic (the storyboards with synched sound) is getting a theater showing.

This movie is followed here with updates under the Dawgtown tag. It combines a lot of special qualities: hand drawn animation, a more adult than usual story, a message about freedom, and influence from unique movies like Watership Down.  And of course, the director was so cool that he let a furry blog interview him!  All that and George Foreman voicing a tough old pit bull (how perfect is that casting?)  Give it some love.

Wes Anderson will come back to stop-motion animation with a movie about dogs.

Story at Cartoon Brew.  Fantastic Mr. Fox made me so happy.  I’m not much a fan of Wes Anderson’s live action movies (I might be lame for giving them short shrift…) because they strike me as kind of contrived and hard to relate to.  The actors seem treated like puppets – in a way that makes perfect sense for literal puppet animation.  I absolutely loved how the fox family acted.  What can feel artificial and staged with live people makes perfectly caricatured animation timing.  But it also didn’t feel like cliched cartoon acting full of ‘tude poses and fart jokes.  I got to chat with the animation director at a movie premiere, and he talked about Wes having problems working with animators because of demanding things they don’t usually do – like constructing a ceiling set for an up-shot.  I’m glad such risks paid off.  Little has been said about this new movie and I’m excited already. Flayrah has more.

iZombie TV show has minor “Furry” plot that repeats the stereotypes of CSI.

From an episode recap: “Becky tries to explain that she’s a furry and says it turns her on when things look like stuffed animals. Liv says she needs details and photos and Clive says no way. Liv insists they do. Liv later tells Clive that kid getting his freak on dressed as a stuffed animal is crazy.” More at Reddit.

Cute Door Stickers Will Transform Your Doors Into Animals.stickers-door-decals-made-sundays-finland-9

Con dealers, please brew up your own… add a new idea to porn, soap, hats, books and buttons.

Twitter #HumpOff lets biologists expose their love of weird animal sex. 

Thanks, Gizmodo.

8 Good Reasons to Get your 8 Hugs Per Day.

Have an infographic and just imagine fursuiters in it.


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