The Great Fursplosion of 2016 is getting near. NEWSDUMP (11/10/15)

by Patch O'Furr

Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Guest posts welcome. Tips:

unnamedNPR interviews Tempe O’Kun, furry favorite author (again.)

Hear the interview on the radio site. Talk to Tempe on his FA post about it.

About a year ago, NPR station Prairie Public’s “Main Street” show interviewed Tempe about cuddly Furry romance writing.  Lucky dog!  It was 23 minutes of super respectful attention.  My notice about it brought Tempe here, to share an exclusive peek at his novel Windfall and work for the Nordguard card game. Thanks Tempe, and keep it coming.

A Zootopia animator “publicly and positively acknowledged furries.” (Tip: Crossaffliction on Flayrah.)

The tweet is taken down.  VERY CURIOUS.  I wonder if Disney is controlling marketing strategy for something they want strictly behind the scenes, to tease but not come right out about it.   This subculture is tiny, but buzz can be mighty.

I sent an interview request to the animator, and told him: “You may be aware that we’re all going NUTS about this movie. Some active areas already have meets organized to wear costumes out to the theater (and I think that’s going to happen everywhere.)”

Some furries have always known that Tony the Tiger is a stud.  Trashy news blogs discovered our crush and went nuts. (They’re late to the party.)

What do we call the dichotomy between the above story and this one?  There will always be hand-wringing about decorum and animal urges, under the big umbrella from Disney to Dirty.  Get used to it and remember your parents had sex AND raised kids too.

A non-fan noticed heavy panting at Tony on Twitter.  Gawker picked it up, and then others were seduced into covering his kitty charisma:


Mee-oooow. How’d you like to wake up with him fist thing in the morning?

Best detail: his Red Bandana means something really dirty in gay hanky code.  They’re laying it on way too thick about “harassment” though.  It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity!

Anthrocon got a print-only news cover story that nobody saw online in July.  Now it’s shared by RC Fox.

RC is an active organizer of Pittsburgh furry events.  RC and Uncle Kage are the featured furry interviews, along with an assortment of local business owners.  It’s a look at positive impact on Pittsburgh business. It’s straightforward with no surprises, but long and nice.

RC says: “This is still something I’m proud of.”  Here’s a preview-only PDF.

I missed reading it in July, while collecting a huge list of media coverage of Anthrocon 2015.  RC sent me something else that was overlooked from the list – an online gallery of attractive photos and Q&A’s with Anthrocon fursuiters. – Meet The Furries.

Getting closer to the Great Fursplosion of 2016.

Last Newsdump mentioned that Guardians of The Galaxy movie director James Gunn shared Rocket Raccoon ‪Cosplay on his Facebook.  I confirmed with the maker it was a Furry-inspired suit.   While blockbuster movies are doing furry themes to attract old and new fans alike… furries are sneaking their own influence back.  It’s not always a one-way street, sometimes it’s a dance.

British government accepts that porn is harmless.

This isn’t in any way Furry, but bear with me… you know about friction between furries who want to be family-safe, and ones who don’t.  Well, the entire country of Britain was thinking about trying to block internet porn.  It took them a few years, but their government just admitted that porn is harmless and nobody can find convincing evidence it isn’t.  Kink is even a sign of mental well being.  Keep in mind that, with few exceptions, all men watch porn (and lots and lots of women do.)  That makes Furries no different than anyone else… they’re just open. (You can’t beat around the bush when interests get really specific.)


AMAZING FURRY NEWS COMING SOON – Wait Until You See What The Babyfurs Did In #7!