Wombats pooping cubes – and a chunky blast of furry news! NEWSDUMP (11/17/15)

by Patch O'Furr

Headlines, links and little stories to make your tail wag.  Guest posts welcome. Tips: patch.ofurr@gmail.com

Atlas Obscura – The Fursuit of Happiness Begins With Customized Dog Abs.  It’s a nicely written curiosity piece about what fursuit makers do.  There needs to be a Tip Sheet for Journalists Who Want To Write About Furries.  It would say “quit using that title.”

Austrian “Furry News” site Furry Stammtische shares a long TV feature of fursuiters. Google translate can give you a rough understanding of the story.

Fangcon gets a little slice-of-life mention in Knoxville news.  Writer bumps into fursuiters at an outdoor concert, and gets charmed.

Courting Comedy blog reviews a live talk show in San Francisco, with a special Furry guest speaker. “They defanged prejudices or assumptions about the Furry community, and was cautious to not speak for the entirety of his tribe.” Really happy to see this.

Furry Site Content Statistics – and a possible game changing new art site.  [Adjective][Species] presents comparison of 5 established sites – and Flayrah’s Sonious writes up Furry Network with some details that could be highly worth your attention.

VICE is digging on DeviantArt for unusual furry fetishes.  This fellow fan enjoys expressing “objectophilia”. He has a rewarding relationship with his car.  Thanks for visiting our garden, Vice – lots of special varieties grow here, but don’t poop in it.

Scandal at California event venue.  Nudist resort accused of indentured servitude. Furry events there were “Fox Hunts” (human role-play) and possibly a dance or two.  There’s no other connection worth reading. But furries don’t ruin everything, do they? Regular people can be WAY worse.

Furry Music video:  Dance Furpocalyptic (Furpocalypse 2015).

Buddy: the “Apple Watch” for dogs.  Could humans wear this collar as a style thing? Look at the programmable LED’s and built in tech, and imagine possible applications. Costume tech, a light show on your collar, games, choreography… I sent an overture to the company in case they wanted some press, and imagined them laughing about people wearing dog stuff.

Amazing story for American Bulldog trapped in wombat hole and left for dead. The professional diggers abandoned him, but he got a miraculous rescue from community volunteers who didn’t give up.  (Did you know: Wombats poop cubes. Fact.)


Wolf Sanctuary In Norway Lets You Cuddle Wolves While Watching The Northern Lights. I can’t add anything cooler.

Furry Science Ethics:  Should Human Stem Cells Be Used To Make Partly Human Chimeras? A bioethics debate and a funding moratorium.

MAKE magazine: Amazing rideable dragons and elephants.  La Machine Brings Over the Top Mechanical Theater to the Streets.

Ceramic Arts Daily posted “Creating Expressive Features In Animal Sculptures”. Just a small excerpt from Narrative Animal Sculpture book, which I’m sharing because ceramic sculpture is a special art apart from the usual furry experience.

Animals have long been used as symbols in storytelling all around the world, and visual artists have been using animal figures in artwork for just as long… Lisa Naples shares her insights and techniques on sculpting animals in clay to tell stories… (and) her insights on how to play with ideas and incorporate symbolism and meaning into your work.

Prestigious artist Laurie Anderson makes memoir documentary about her dog.  “Heart of a Dog” features Lolabelle (a rat terrier), Ms. Anderson, her late husband Lou Reed, surveillance and drone footage, and hand drawn animation.  It sounds like a treat.  I’m curious because I know her as a contemporary of 1980’s avant-pop musicians like the Talking Heads. She did multimedia concerts and the left-field chart topping song “O Superman”. It’s a hypnotic electronic lullaby that sounds like nothing else. But her art background is much deeper than that.

His Dark Materials comes to BBC. (Tip: Higgs Raccoon.) In The Guardian, and on Canada’s CBC.  Higgs: “I liked the novels, so I’m cautiously optimistic for this. Hopefully it’ll be better received than the 2007 movie (which should have been good, but wasn’t). It’ll be interesting to see the BBC versions of the daemons and panserbjørne.”

Furry photographer Tom Broadbent’s blog update. A Tale of Two Photo Salons.

Super Collies dance their hearts out!


AMAZING FURRY NEWS COMING SOON – Wait Until You See What The Babyfurs Did In #6!