Furry appreciation from film festivals to art galleries, guided by Warhol – NEWSDUMP (4-20-16)

by Patch O'Furr

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Fursonas Documentary gets great press.

“Fursonas Takes On the Secretive World of Furries—and the Movement’s Furrious Fuhrer”. It’s sensational sounding, but some of the best furry news I’ve read!  The article’s thoroughly on point and the movie is the best kind of documentary. Don’t miss it on Video On Demand this summer.

Dandy Warhols and a bunch of furries featured in film noir music video, with a counterculture icon.

The Dandy Warhols and Joe Dallesandro – “You Are Killing Me” Video.  Joe Dallesandro is “Little Joe” named in Lou Reed’s song “Walk on the Wild Side,” about Andy Warhol’s Factory of the 1960’s.  He’s been in tons of movies.  His crotch is featured on the cover of the Rolling Stones album “Sticky Fingers”.

Now he’s made a video with the Dandy Warhols.  If you watch to the halfway point, you’ll see furries from the SF Bay Area.  This seems to be the work of Zantal, who was previously featured inside their album.  He’s a huge fan and got attention of the band by going to their shows in suit.

That’s a natural meeting.  I love that he got to be friends with the band by being so enthusiastic… and they’re putting some spirit of Warhol into their approach to celebrating furries in kind. (Tip: Spottacus.)dandy

Retrospective news cameo with Spottacus, “Furry performance artist”.

5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Furries.  You probably saw this if people share furry articles any place you read.  Enough with studiously defending about “it’s not a fetish” with good intentions to the point of stifling. I’d rather see people speak for themselves.

Award winning documentary “Dolphin Lover” now free to see, NSFW.

Here’s a 180-degree swerve.  Yikes… I might be asking for drama by linking a documentary about interspecies romance. My hobbyist “journalism” typically leaves that completely separate from furries. (Except one investigation of a rumor.)  I hesitated about putting it here, but did because it’s something that Furries can be unfairly mocked about and occasionally linked with in sensational media attacks.

Speaking of attacks, here’s this week’s nasty furry crime story that associates one guy’s failures with a whole community.  (OMG he broke laws and he’s FAT and has a HOBBY too!)

“Dolphin Lover” provokes thoughts about relativity of viewpoint.  In contrast to attacking, the makers just let the subject speak with complete honesty for you to judge.  That honesty is worth seeing in the making of any documentary.

Tom Broadbent’s “At Home With The Furries” documentary photo project gets official gallery representation.

A guy with talent takes a step up. “Laura Noble, the photography gallery owner and curator has taken me on as one of her represented photographers at L A Noble Gallery. This is wonderful news for the furry project. “

From the series" At Home With The Furries" Throughout the year furries dress up in costume or fur-suit inspired by anthropomorphic characters from cartoons, comic strips, myths and videogames. The people inside the suits are by day computer programmers, engineers, mortgage brokers, lecturers even fursuit makers. Most furries have an affinity with animals but some also like to role-play or fursuit for fun. Over the course of a few years, I gained the trust of the furries in the UK and some of their members allowed me to visit them at home, these photographs were taken all over the country. Contact tom@tombroadbent.com for licensing rights

From the series” At Home With The Furries”. tom@tombroadbent.com for licensing rights.

Huffington Post: Step Into This Feminist Artist’s X-Rated Zootopia.

Opinion: this article is pandering hype about a gallery exhibit that has little to do with its clickbaity title.  The amateurishly rendered art seems to expect it’s own hype to carry the weight.  The rest is just flimsy “critique” as cliched as the stuff it’s about:

Subverting the visual trope of portraying females as eroticized subjects for the male spectator’s gaze her cat women are instead active participants.”

“Subverting”, like any artist-made porn that shows what artists want?  Real Furry porn (and furries in general) at least use talents honestly, without pretension.  From this gallery show, I’d much rather see more of the sculptural/found object art from the other non-headlined artist.  I see substance in the arrangement of it’s textures.  The people-with-cat-heads just look like decorative noodling that took “40 hours per drawing”.  If it’s fit for a gallery, why not draw a dick well?

Khloé Kardashian has bad opinion about furries. Last and least Newsdump item. Here’s a link, but you have better stuff to read, right?