“Shut Up, You’re Weird Too” from furries around the world – NEWSDUMP (5-27-16)

by Patch O'Furr

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Canada’s CBC Radio – “‘Fursonas’ unzips the complex world of furry fandom.” Interview with Dominic Rodriguez (Video the Wolf), director of the movie.

Criterioncast.com reviews Fursonas.  Joshua Brunsting calls it: “…a tender and nuanced meditation on a community that’s still trying to find itself… a noteworthy achievement for having the skill and will to let the narrative breathe.”

Furries Love Zootopia. On Uproxx, they smartly highlighted part of an interview with Video to point this out.

“Brisbane ‘furries’ find community and acceptance inside animal suits.”  ABC News in Australia covers a “haven for the shy and socially awkward”.

Mexican news interview with Paco Panda (Tip: Fred Patten.)  Translated from Spanish. Paco el Panda is identified as an artist in Guadalajara.


San Francisco Bay Area Furries get one of the best Furry News articles ever.  How the furry community rallied when Zarafa Giraffe lost his head. Don’t miss our articles that mention it here and here already… it’s too good not to link again.

Bay Area Furs are very photogenic.  “Photo Du Jour: Furries Like Taking Tourist Pics Too.”

Fursuiters at How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco.

In past years, furries have appeared in the fair’s promotional videos, news articles, and on local ABC TV news about it. This event starts their local street fair season. This gallery (browse to find some furries) shows the huge volume of the crowds – thousands upon thousands of people all dressed their weirdest.  When fursuiters stand out among them, it says a lot about their undeniable fuzzy glamor.

1373917705.kyu-fox_normal_dsc_0614RIP to Kyu Fox.

A Bay Area Furries announcement said: “Kyu Fox passed away on April 13th. He was fairly well known in the local community, and his loss is deeply felt.” There was a memorial potluck/bbq with fursuits on May 1. Photos or stories about Kyu were shared for a scrapbook scanned for everyone, with an original book given to his family.

“My First Furry Convention: Shut Up, You’re Weird, Too”.

A long time con staffer (for all kinds) gives an inside view of the mess and the magic. He discusses the small percent of assholes who inhabit every community (naming vandalism at an anime con of 17,000), mitigating complaints that Furries have unique problems.  And he praises living with an open mind.

Ever heard of “FLESHIES?” Three trashy articles about furries, petplay, and otherkin.

Britain’s Daily Star: “Who are the furries? Britain’s kinkiest sex craze: People who romp dressed as ANIMALS”. They tweaked that headline for hits – before it was “Inside the world of ‘fursonas’, sex myths and £2000 costumes.”  Marvel at the absurdly shitty fact-checking, “anonymous” sourcing and fake language. “Fleshies?”  It’s the work of dishonest journalists stuffing in fake content to meet a quota.  In journalism school, they call that “shaving the hamster”. More in Britain’s Daily Mail: “Secret Life of the Human Pups – the weird world of the grown men who enjoy dressing up as DOGS in roleplay craze sweeping the nation.” Then there’s VICE: “What It Means to Be Trans Species.” 

Missing teen lost and found, fur charged with kidnapping.

Aiyana Wolf listed her age as 19 on FurAffinity.  Her account has one art submission that declares love for Kelo, a 30-year old man.  But she turned out to be age 16. Somewhere in their relationship, he stepped over the line.  It was reported that she had a mental condition that “does not allow her to make realistic life choices.” She ended up running away from home to be with Kelo.  They were found together and he was charged with kidnapping.

The out-of-touch professor.

On philly.com – “Commentary: First on campus encounter with ‘furry’ subculture.”  A college professor belittles weird young people (it sounds like he finds “prancing” to be shamefully unmanly).  He shares his dubious research to find out what they’re into – including this absurd gem.  (Imagine this read in the droning voice of Ben Stein):

“the teenage outcast becomes a full-fledged furry, choosing a character name, a species, and personality traits, purchases a fur suit or animal costume, and joins the furry community, where he is mentored by older furs.”

Reddit – “TIFU by accidentally telling my four-year old daughter to be a cat.”  We’ve all been there.

This is a great little animated short! Film short about disabled puppy wins hearts, 59 awards, job offers from Disney.”


AMAZING FURRY NEWS COMING SOON – Are Your Kids Safe From Weird Fur Craze Sweeping The Nation?