NEWSDUMP: Four cons for Pacific Northwest, history and scandal in the fandom – (9/15/16)

by Patch O'Furr

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FOUR cons for the US Pacific Northwest? (Tip – Fuzzwolf.)

apkjwqsxFurvana (2018). Anthro Northwest (November 9-12, 2017). Pacific Northwest Fur Con (Spring 2017). And a rebirth for Rainfurrest (under parent organization RAIN, who actively runs other events year-round.)  All of these are intended for one region.  Amazingly they seem cooperative, with none replacing another.

On Reddit’s r/furry, a con staffer explains more about all the activity.

In late 2015 Dogpatch Press looked at five regions for “One Town, Two Cons: Let’s compare and ask organizers about Furry community growth.” It was about fan support, competition and cooperation, with questions about how to sustain more than one central event. But four is unprecedented ambition.

It could only come with 2016’s amazing Year of Furry.  From Zootopia’s billion-dollar success, to Fursonas (the first movie about furries with mainstream distribution), to the continued explosion of cons, there’s much more to come.

Furry party posters from the 1980’s. 

In the 1980’s, sci-fi cons gathered fans of funny-animal cartoons for room parties. Mark Merlino and Rod O’Riley have the Prancing Skiltaire furry house in So Cal that has posted some of their party flyer collection.  There was drama about the “furries” being weird, because that stuff isn’t for grown-ups is it?  So in 1989 they got their own con, ConFurence.  Look at how they multiplied like bunnies. Now it’s too late to stop them. Just don’t let anyone with a time machine go back and change the flyers to send them to Floor 13.


South Africa’s Furry Times Magazine.

In 30 years of history, this fandom has spread far and wide. Here’s a newly launched and free magazine from a far corner of the Furrysphere. It’s basic but it would be nice to see more presentation like that.

EZ Wolf’s nature mockumentary.

Congoer dies of natural causes during Furry Migration in Minneapolis.

Fursuiter falls 70 feet from hotel balcony, lands on couch, makes fox-shaped hole.

I heard Rocko went to the hospital with a broken arm, broken back, fractured ankles, broken ribs, and has a year of rehab ahead. Poor Rocko! Send him hugs and tell him to hang in there. If the world ever looks upside down, always ask a furry friend to help you stay on your paws.

ANUSGATE: the fursuit scandal that rocked Twitter.

Sporeprince built a fursuit with a realistic butthole sewn on. This was not universally loved. launches with a very special purpose.

A long-lived post on Dogpatch Press gives perspective about fursuit value.

One of the longest-lived posts here is about the record-setting $11,575 fursuit. It draws dozens of searches a week with 1.5 years of regular views.

Jan Animation covers Youtube’s restrictive new policies for content creators.

Could your content be controversial, or even just have a risque joke? No ad revenue for you. It’s ridiculous how vague and arbitrary these rules are, and how hurtful to creators who would otherwise be sustaining themselves on a good relationship that contributes what their host exists on.



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