Return of the Wild Things – San Francisco’s unique adult furry fetish party, November 2016.

by Patch O'Furr

citadelIt’s another event from the WILD THINGS crew – producers of sexy, gutsy, creative happenings for boundary-breaking expression.  There may be no other formal events in the world like this!

With their previous events, Dogpatch Press asked: is furry a “sex” thing?  NO, but there’s overlap… nothing wrong with that.  There are all kinds of other hobbies like that.  If you read the naughty history of their events, don’t overlook the tags:  BDSM, cat box cake, controversy, fetish, furries, kink, murrsuits, petplay, porn, sex… Wild Things!  

Now here’s the new one everyone’s been waiting for. (NSFW poster below.)

Saturday, November 26, 2016 · 2:00 PM – 6:30 PM

SF Citadel 181 Eddy St., San Francisco, California

$25 at the door, **$5 discount available**

Dress code: Animal-themed, fetish, creative costumes, etc.

Twitter: WildThingsSF 

Wild Things is back at The Citadel, catering to your inner animal!  Featuring:

Meet new friends, and participate in fun, playful, sexy activities. Dress up, play, and express yourself as part of the show! Creative expression is highly encouraged. The crowd for Wild Things tends to be very LGBTQ friendly, and on the younger, high-energy side, but we’re open to all ages, 18 and up. Shy and new people are especially invited, with a large casual lounge for meeting new people, and activities and demos geared towards those who are new and finding their way. SF Citadel is a supportive, accepting, safer sex-positive environment which stresses consent, but your play is as limitless as your imagination.

We are rewarding those who take time to RSVP and join our Wild Things community with a special $5 discount for this event! Simply RSVP as “I’m Going!” and show up reasonably early for the event. If you’re one of the first thirty people who mention the RSVP at the door, you get $5 off the price of your admission!

Interested in volunteering? Sign up HERE! It’s quick, easy, a great way for new visitors to meet people… and it gets you in for FREE!

This party stresses participation. Bring your costumes, creativity, energy, talent, and your sexy selves. Your favorite animal play style has a place at Wild Things!

If you would like to host an activity, be a performer, conduct a workshop or demo, have culinary skills to share, or want to celebrate a very special birthday party, message organizers directly.

Wild Things exists thanks to our volunteers. Please help make it a regular, successful event at SF Citadel by attending, RSVPing, telling friends, or offering to carpool in the Wild Things community. (You must be 18 or older to attend, so bring your ID.)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Special organizers note: Please spread the word!


The organizers are working *VERY* hard to promote. At SF’s Folsom Street Fair, a HUGE amount of flyers were handed out to furries, petplayers, pups, ponies, littles, and vendors such as Bad Dragon and Well Kept Pet.  Flyers went to as far as Southern California to people who are really excited, and want to carpool.

PLEASE SHARE.  Help get this on social media, in communities, forums, event calendars, chat rooms, or blog posts.  Talk to others you know, or write them a personal invitation, and ask them to RSVP.  Encourage others to demos, workshops, or be a vendor with their wares.  Offer carpools, or help arrange for people from out of town, and share info about the area or where to stay.  Talk to anyone you know who is a “maybe” and try to get them over into the “Going!” column.  If they can’t afford to go, encourage them to volunteer for free entry.

When you help, let us know what you’re doing, so everyone else is motivated too.  If you know other communities with crossover interests, where they gather, or when and how to get them flyers, please tell us.  You are the experts!  This is your event, for people from every community, to build a culture of ownership… so equal, empowered people are asked to join in making this happen.