SITE UPDATE – The first fursuiter, and Otaku Trucker: Furry Road.

by Patch O'Furr

You might see less posting here for a week – I’m busy writing for a book. That’s Furries Among Us (part 2) from Thurston Howl Publishing. (The Ursa Major Award went to Howl’s first book of essays about the fandom, so they made a new “nonfiction” award.)

My chapter is “The Furclub movement – independent furry night life is thriving!” Furry dance parties happen around the world, so if you see new dances start anywhere, please send info for the list.  (To San Francisco furs, I can’t say anything now, but expect some good news soon.)

It’s Furry Book Month, so check out some more of the fandom’s awesome creativity. Flayrah finally started approving new posts about that. Their slowness might have to do with a big rise in great reader comments here.  And so does this…

unnamedHigh activity with furries in the news. Rolling Stone linked here last week when covering the triple homicide in Southern California that took furry victims.  Then George Takei reposted it to his massive readership.

I have mostly tried to avoid resharing other news about the sad story (although I definitely believe it’s a “furry” story, within limits).  I did have a little personal chatting with a reporter and on other shares. Surprise… with both the media and the public, there’s a lot of sensitivity. Even if furries are silly, people know a tragedy is a time to step back and be nice.

I made an exception to discussing when it made a side topic I thought was good and relevant about the power of cartoons and OC Weekly’s editorial cartoon.  It got a re-edit sent in by Shining River (shown here.)

Even more high traffic and comments came for A Brief History of Who Ruined Furry.  Thankfully the vast majority got the satirical humor and only a few thought it was mocking for real.

The comments brought an unexpected gift, a historic piece of freakotronic video of the first fursuiter at the first furry convention in 1989. It’s a sexy gender-bending deer creature in dom gear, Hilda the Bambioid:

That’s groundbreaking.  Who else had the guts then? Hilda was so far ahead of her time. It made one of the Greymuzzles community comment on the “Who Ruined Furry” post: “Just take advice from the Dadaists: “The aim of Furry is the destruction of Furry!”  This is why Furry is outsider art.

The video was uploaded to the net thanks to Changa Lion, who lives at the Prancing Skiltaire and posts daily furry videos at  It’s a whole film festival on the net!

Daily Dot then shared it: “Here’s some amazing raw footage from the world’s first furry convention“.  I’m told they found it on the “obscure media” subreddit.

Changa helped me find Otaku Trucker: Furry Road. Kinda like Furry Force, it’s a “fursploitation” cartoon, which I really hope becomes a mini-genre. Have a laugh with each other if you’re a Steve too (watch all the way to the end to meet Steve).