Furries get a look from popular German comic Erzaehlmirnix.

by Patch O'Furr

Want a change from intense American news?  German furry fan Stefan sends a tip (thanks!)  This is very nice to get, since otherwise it would be completely missed by American furs.  It’s from comic site “Erzaehlmirnix”.  It has 80,000 followers on Facebook and over 13,000 on Twitter – but likely no English-only followers for images that won’t translate easily. (Patch)

(Stefan:) A quite popular german comic site just made two furry-related comics in quick order.

First comic:comic1


“I just don’t know why this is, but I hate it: People all the time tell me lots of very personal things I really don’t want to know about.”

“Yeah I know this. Maybe it’s because I am working in the service sector…”

“… or it is because of my vibes of being sexually very open minded, and because on weekends I like to dress as a zebra and get fisted in front of the camera in extreme furry gangbang parties.”

Well… boring. Standard cliches. Heard them all.

But then… immediately after that… that’s followed by this comic:comic2


“Hey, you are one those “furries” and you like animal costumes and such stuff, right? Did you see? The last Erzaehlmirnix comic is about furries and gangbangfisting. Hehe.”

“Yeah… not funny at all. It’s just that boring “People having sex in animal costumes” stuff the media always show.”

“It is just a totally dumb cliche. Usually this all has nothing to do with sex but more with being a hobby in which you put a lot of love, time and money. But media alway shows some people in cheap costumes having sex, just to make fun of them and make some very bad puns.”

“Oh, that sound like a lot of prejudice” (Pun on “Vorurteil” [prejudice] … “Furrr-Urteil”)

“Yes, that…”

“I guess one needs to be thick-skinned.” (lit: be thick-furred; pun on german “dickes Fell haben.”)

So… this standard normal German comic site just made two furry comics. The first using well known bad cliches, and the second making fun of just this comic.

Brilliant 🙂

– Stefan