Reviewer slams furries for infesting her hotel – you’ll cry when you see the Manager’s epic reply.

by Patch O'Furr

Fiesta or infestation?

Texas Furry Fiesta was awesome for most everyone who was there. But one irate hotel guest had a nasty attitude towards the cute fuzzies breathing her air. On Tripadvisor, Nasty Nicola really let them have it:

Sounds terrible. Maybe next time she WOULD even bother if the hotel didn’t have such an BAD manager. He didn’t give a warning about the fluffballs trying to get away with heinous activity like hugs, making art, or getting treated with basic common decency.  Who could be worse than dirty furry trash? (I resemble that remark…) Well, I’ll tell you: Someone who’s racist against furries and a cheapskate jerk to service workers too. That’s an worse person.

Remember when the Vermont Furries faced discrimination? They got told they couldn’t play with others at Mardi Gras, because their costumes were too costume-y unlike other people’s costumes.  What did they do?  They got up in front of their city council and changed the law. No leashes, no masters!

Of course hotels are prepared for this kind of thing.  I hope they give employee awards for handling it right.  If they do, Employee of the Millenium goes to manager STEFAN “PREACH-IT” HUBER, for the way he beamed a stern Care Bear Stare right in Nasty Nicola’s face:

Dear nicolacraig,

As I told you during our phone call earlier in the week, I am sorry to hear how displeased your guests were with their experience at our hotel.

Concerning the other group that was at the hotel while your guests were here, as I explained to you, we are not in a position, and most definitely don’t have the right, nor the inclination, to discriminate against anyone guest or any group. As a hotel, we cater to all kinds of travelers and conventions and do not feel it is necessary, to use your word, “warn”, anyone as to who is also in-house when booking.

As far as pricing is concerned, every hotel sells at different price points depending on a variety of different factors. Being a travel agent, surely you are exposed to this on an ongoing basis. Hotels are no different than airlines in the sense that you could be sitting next to someone in an airplane that paid hundreds of dollars less than you did, merely due to the fact that they booked at a different time than you did.

I have to admit that I am offended by this review for several reasons. First, because I don’t understand how you, particularly as a travel agent, can feel right about insisting on certain guests being better than others, and second, you are harming our reputation simply because I would not compensate you for your guests’ expectations to be surrounded by “like” individuals and because you expected to be “warned” that we have the D.R.A.M.A Convention at the hotel when booking these rooms.

I offer my apologies, but that is not the world we live in and most certainly not how we conduct our business.

Stefan Huber
General Manager

BAM.  He also replied to a less than honest furry guest and showed them how Momma Huber didn’t raise no fool.

Now this might be a fun followup if you have a minute: tweet to @InterConDallas and thank them for hosting Furry Fiesta, and @elsanjuanhotel ‏ to tell them to promote this man up to the moon.  (Not literally, duh… moon tourism isn’t quite there yet.) Puerto Rico is his new location (he must have been called there to show them how to just slay at hospitality.)

In closing, every con should have such a stand-up guy who can professionally tell a hater to go eat a satchel of Hickory-Smoked Horse Buttholes.

PS: D.R.A.M.A. is the Dallas Regional Anthropomorphic Meeting Association. That’s the secret furry illuminati who organize Furry Fiesta.

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