April summary for Rune’s Furry Blog – monthly guest feature.

by Rune AngelDragon

Rune’s Furry Blog showcases “people within the Furry Community…their characters, life, thoughts, and beliefs”. It also covers furry issues and media, with a sprinkle of personal blogging for the character Rune the Angel Dragon.  It’s the kind of furry stuff I like to support.  It came to attention by covering #FemaleFursuiterMonth. Fursuiter profiles are a cool thing I wanted more of.  She joins other syndicated guests like Andre Kon (What’s Yiffin’?) and Arrkay (Culturally F’d) to share her month of writing. Welcome Rune! – Patch

So here we are…entering May. It seems that 2017 has been just zooming by, and so many amazing things have been happening in the Furry Fandom! It’s what I like to refer to as “convention season”! A lot of the more popular Furry conventions are already taking place or happen shortly at the beginning of summer.

But not only that – the Furry fandom is always buzzing with something new. So, this April Summary exists just to fill you in on what you might have missed on this ever-expanding group. Not to mention it’s a chance for myself as a blogger to share with you some posts from my own blog – because I am sure there is something that might just catch your fancy. Let the April Summary get underway!

The Furry Nerdcore band known as “Run, Definitely Run!” decided that it was DISBANDING After Texas Furry Fiesta (Dallas Convention 2017).

The post was made by lead-singer Omnom on April 7th, 2017. He posted on his facebook HERE that their visions for the band were just too different, and, while they would have one last performance, they would not be playing at BLFC as scheduled. There was not much else to be said. It was made pretty clear and people were heartbroken. Fans were trying to see if maybe this was just a late April-Fools joke, but, band members came in and told them that it was indeed true…

Theories of what might have happened at TFF started to circulate, and, for awhile, people were even blaming the Con. While most things have been cleared up in one way or another, people seemed to have now settled on the idea that the band continuing was just not meant to be. We can only wish the bandmates the best in all their future endeavors.
But, the group is still close friends with each other…and that should be one of the most important things.

Fursuit Friday Feature(s) for April!

This is something that is specific to my personal blog and is just a small and fun project that I like to do when I can. These are called my “Fursuit Friday Features”. This is where I showcase off different Fursuits from across the fandom, and I add in a little interview that I have pre-typed, and then the owner of the fursuit fills in the answers to those questions. The point of it is to not only see the amazing character on the outside, but, to also get a glimpse of what the person on the inside is like as well.

Muerte the Butterfly Dragon – owed by: Kiara Blackburn (Aisling Knight) Suit made by: Hollow Creature Creations

While the goal is to do this every Friday…well, life does tend to happen and, I do tend to get rather busy. Thus, it’s not always a guarantee that I will find the time. April was a great example of not finding very much time as I only had one post for the feature that month, and that was the butterfly dragon known as Muerte (and if you wanna check out the interview, you can see it by clicking HERE).

Welcoming my Sister to the Furry Fandom!

It’s one of those bonds that are really hard to explain. The relationships can be so varied. I know siblings that used to love each other as kids, and now, they can barely stand one another. Then, there are cases like my Sister and I where…we hated each other when we were little. But despite even that, I always had her back…and as adults, we are closer to best-friends.

But, no matter your current sibling-relationship, there is always that time in your life when your siblings looks up to you…and/or they want the things you want and want to be involved in the things you’re involved in. Imagine my shock then when 10+ years later and my Sister is asking for a Fursona!!!!

So many people were merely excited that a family member had decided to try this thing out for themselves. I think a bit of it was people being relieved that she had such an open-view of the whole ‘furry’ thing when there are people whose families do not always take it so well.

But, I have always been lucky in that my Sister is open-minded, and she really does her research on things before passing judgement. Like everyone else, she has heard the misconceptions about furries, and she has heard what people ‘claim’ a Furry is. But, unlike most other people…rather than just believe the first thing she heard, she decided to come to me (someone in the fandom) and ask me about it. Now, outside of my wife, she is my biggest supporter, and, she even watches my YouTube videos from time-to-time.

That was the day my Sister became known as “Strawberry the Kitten”. So, if ever you see Strawberry out-and-about on Forums and the like, feel free to give her a nice warm welcome! Also, if you wanna say some words to her here (or on the original blog post HERE), I will be glad to pass on the message!

Art by thelostcause86 on FA / Mia the winged wolf belongs to Element02 / Strawberry the Kitten belongs to Autumn Marie Long

PROTOGENS are the new craze!

Have you ever heard of the Primagen Species? They are a closed-species, created and run by Malice-risu on FA – and the only way to obtain a Primagen is to bid on the auctions they occasionally hold on their FA page. And let me tell you, those auctions are no joke! While the creators are nice enough to allow payments plans, I have seen a single Primagen go for well over $1200! Granted, the more you pay, the more awards are unlocked with the purchase of one’s Primagen…but still. It can get really crazy. The starting bids are low, but then people scurry to scoop one up. The creator’s have said that they do not make Primagens expensive on purpose…they just let people pay what they are willing to.

So, if you have not already guessed it…because they are a closed species with only a few auctions popping up here-and-there, Primagens are a pretty elite kind of species. So many people want them but so few people actually can afford to own one. It was like that dream that was always out of reach for a lot of people…

But Protogens changed all that… On April 8th, Cedar Andrews (also part of the account Malice-Risu on FA) opened up a sub-species to the widely sought-after Primagens and called them: “PROTOGENS“!

So…why are these so special? Well, it’s because they are an OPEN species and therefore they are FREE to make! This option seems to be good enough if not better for a majority of the fandom who are always teetering on the edge of ‘broke’…therefore the Protogens easily exploded the day they were announced, and, they have been clogging facebook and Amino feeds ever since!

But, because they are so similar to Primagens, they have to have rules, right? Well, of course they do. Common and uncommon variants of Protogen are free to make, whereas rare variants of the species can only be bought in an auction very similar to how the Primagens work. Protogens are mostly biological whereas Primagen are mostly mechanical, and because Primagen look more raptor-like, Protogen are not allowed to have any dinosaur-like anatomy. There are other things as well such as Protogen having more rounded visors, they can not take a feral form, and they can not have wings that could be used for flight.

But, with the species exploding like it did, well, designs do tend to go unregulated. But, the creators have been very hard at work – they have been making charts and google documents to assist those looking to make a Protogen of their very own:

^^ Art by Cedar Andrews (facebook) / Malice-Risu (FA) ^^

Protogen Anatomy Chart
Protogen Google Doc (Guide)
Official Facebook Group


April ended up being a lot more busy than I anticipated, and I can only assume that more will come in May! It is such an honor to get to write for DogPatch Press even as a guest and I look forward to doing more summary-posts in the future! Thank you all for tuning in! I will see you all in the next one. – Rune