Bay Area Furries, here’s the info you need to attend San Francisco Pride.

by Patch O'Furr

In front of millions at San Francisco Pride 2015! (Thanks:

Bay Area Furries are marching in the 2017 San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25.  It’s one of the largest and most colorful events in San Francisco and will be on TV.  There have been better and better responses each time, and 70 or more are signed up.  Get ready for the best parade ever!  (See previous announcement about how to join, and the Meetup page for RSVP and discussion.)

Here’s what you need to know:

Pic by Vincent.

Marchers: Arrive at 100-150 Main Street. Be no earlier than 9:30am and no later than 11:40.

Volunteers: Arrive at 100-150 Main Street. Be no earlier than 9:30am and no later than 11.

To arrive from BART, exit at Embarcadero Station. Go up on the Main St. / Beale St. side.

Watchers: Be anywhere along the Market Street parade route, and the parade starts at 10:30.

Parade start: 12:30pm-1pm. (Last time we were in the parade, starting was delayed by hours due to being way more busy than they planned.  Do be patient, but don’t be late. The parade doesn’t wait for latecomers.)

FURSUITING: No bins!  Please bring soft foldable bags only.  Due to space, hard fursuit bins are NOT ALLOWED on the parade float. A backpack is OK for small personal items.  There’s no “lounge” so be ready to change on the street (many do for SF events.)

Groggy’s van will be parked for changing and limited storage at the Moscone Center garage, 255 3rd Street. This can help those who want to drive in, use hard bins, change off-street and start with a group.  Parking is $29.  That’s mid-way between both ends of the parade, a 15 minute walk in suit each way.  Groggy will be there until 10:30am.

To coordinate with Groggy: @GroggyFox on Telegram, or @Grogginator.

Be prepared to walk in the parade. Those who start on the float, stay on the float.  Space on the float will be limited so don’t depend on riding.  Priority goes to those with mobility, vision, hearing or other issues.  Consider outdoor footpaws or partialling.  This is not a casual hang-out, it’s a show that requires exertion.  Be ready to work it for the crowd!

Refreshments: Bottled Water and Sports Drinks.  Please bring your own snacks or extra water.

Parade length: around 45 minutes – 1 hour.  Dispersal is planned for around 2pm.  (It’s been unpredictable in the past so allow lots of time.) At the drop-off on 8th Street, bags and personal items on the float will be handed back to you.  Groggy may retrieve his van and meet you, but be prepared to possibly walk back.

If you want to attend the Celebration in Civic Center after the parade until 6PM, please check the website for map and details. (No bins inside the gates.)

Pic by Vincent

Route map:  Check this handy map for all the places discussed above.

Crash space is available at Relay’s Den Saturday night and Sunday morning. You can leave stuff there. It’s near 17th and Dolores, a 10 minute walk from 16th BART.  Take BART or Uber to the assembly area around 11am. Members will meet back there about 90 minutes after the parade ends. Dinner is at Picaro on 16th afterwards (bring payment, it’s a reasonably priced Tapas place), probably around 5 or 6pm.  RSVP to @RelayRaccoon (Telegram).

See previous announcement to join, and the Meetup Event page for RSVP and discussion.

Paypal donations are still being collected by Zoren:

Conduct: San Francisco gets furries. Pride was born out of protest and some will let their freak flag fly. In rare cases we may discuss being on the side away from cameras, but we’re tame compared to others.  Organizers reserve the right to deny participation to anyone for any reason (it’s never happened, don’t test it).  Contact to ask about preparing your costume or more. The only rule is: Be nice.

Also be safe. Weird people from in AND out of the community are at large urban events and there have been incidents like fursuit thefts out of cars. Play it smart and buddy up. Riding BART in fursuit can be intense with crowds, but they love it just like crowds on the street love fursuit photos.

Contacts: (Check info before using, everyone is super busy!) Roman’s Twitter is @RomanOtter (same on Telegram and most things), Zoren has Twitter or Gmail or @ZorenManray on Telegram, or try Patch on Twitter or Gmail.

Now you’re ready to go. Tell your friends! This will be the best event ever, and be sure to bring those outdoor walking paws!

UPDATE: DJ Neonbunny sent a tip. You can coordinate for this in person at the parade: “After the parade, i’m djing a pride after party at the new parish in oakland and can get any fursuiters on the guest list, also a private room for any fursuiters. It’s a pretty fun indoor/outdoor dance party.”