Get buzzed for Tiny Paws Con, coming to Connecticut in September.

by Patch O'Furr

This con’s theme is “Summer Camp.” Yay for summer camp! How about sweaty, un-air-conditioned bunkhouses? Poison ivy? MOSQUITOS?  Get ready to celebrate NONE of those things at the new Tiny Paws Con. They just have the parts that don’t suck: fun and games, getting together with old friends, and making new ones. If you’re itching for that in September, Tiny Paws has the cure.

They’re so friendly, I’m sure they would even give a warm welcome to Spottacus in his Skeetersuit. (Why does Spotti have one of those? Because nobody else does!)

Tiny Paws is bringing fresh blood to the Northeast US thanks to organizers like the former founder and co-conchair of FurFright, K’gra Leopard.  Give them a buzz on social media, or read on if you want to fly in for fun.

Here’s what they sent:

Summer might be winding down, but one summer camp still is offering tons of fun: Tiny Paws Con! A new convention in the light-hearted spirit of creativity and sharing with friends, this event hopes to capture the magic of everyone’s first convention.

Tiny Paws Con offers over forty dealers in The Expo (the dealer room), an amazing Gaming Lodge with events run by ConnectiCon’s Tabletop Shop and Steve Jackson Games’ MiB, fursuit games, a Fursuit Foto Shoot (a more relaxed and intimate alternative to a fursuit parade), a dance, a Charity Raffle supporting the Connecticut Humane Society, an Arts and Crafts Lounge attendees can visit and create just like they did in art class so many years ago, and more!

To their knowledge, Tiny Paws Con is also excited to be the first trying something new: a Furries of Triumph achievement book, where attendees joining in on the fun over the whole weekend can earn rewards towards the 2018 event.

Pre-registration closes on July 31st, so to save some money and help support the Connecticut Humane Society, please register today!

With over fifteen years of combined experience running FurFright and other charity fundraising, the organizers of Tiny Paws Con hope you will give them a chance with their new convention. Conventions and charities succeed only with the help and generosity of the fandom we all know and love.

Hope to see you all soon!

Visit Tiny Paws Con on their website ( For the most up-to-date information follow them on Twitter (@TinyPaws_Con) or Facebook (

July 21 is the deadline for conbook submissions (art/written/advertising).

July 31 is the deadline for pre-registration. The pricing is:

  • Tinker: $40 (3-day admission, badge, conbook)
  • Crafter: $60 (Tinker + t-shirt and raffle ticket)
  • Engineer: $100 (Crafter + art prints)
  • Architect: $200 (Engineer + special gift and thanks in the conbook)

Pre-registered attendees are also eligible for a drawing to be our Attendee Guest of Honor. The Attendee GOH’s membership is automatically upgraded to Architect and they also receive free Tinker admission to next year’s event. The winner will be notified prior to the convention.

To register, visit this webpage:

Fill in the form and on the second page submit your payment via Paypal.

Dealer registration is currently in Wait List mode.

(Note: Dealers who apply for or currently are registered as a business in the State of Connecticut receive a $20 discount on the price of their table.)

Half-tables start at $65 (higher prices for sponsor levels).

Full tables start at $105 (higher prices for sponsor levels).

Dealer table prices include 3-day admission to the convention, a conbook, and badge. Full table dealers may also register one Assistant starting at $10 (no further discount due to having a CT sales permit).

For more information regarding dealer registration, visit:

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