HappyWulf’s Furry KickStarters – Ep. 2

by Dogpatch Press Staff

Last week: HappyWulf’s Furry KickStarters – Ep. 1

We’re back! I have some treats to back for furs who cut their teeth on waiting for mail to come from sending for box-top prizes! This month’s theme seems to be pins! (One of which ended… these are sorted in the order they are expiring.)

Mer-Cat Pins – I hope you like sushi, because these are Mermaid Cat… Pins. Yes, exactly as it says on the tin. This is a rather small looking project with only 23 backers at the time of writing.

Scribbler DUO: The World’s First Dual-Nozzle 3D Printing Pen – Can you draw, but not 3D Model? Wish you could draw in 3D? Well…. Now you can try! Not inherently Furry itself, but it definitely has possibilities. I’m including this this week in the interest of allowing everyone the chance to make their own choices on backing, but you can’t have that choice without knowing it exists! So, here it is!

Legendary Creatures – One of two board games this week. This one appears to be a Resource Management game with some deck manipulation. It has a very simple and angular art style with a Mythical Beast theme. Enough to warrant a spot on this list. As it is a board game, I can’t attest to how good it is without actually getting my paws on it, but i t does appear to be medium weight and not mere fluff.

Werewolf/Moon Pin – Another Pin, this is one ‘monstrous’ design tho; With wolf and moon, attached by chain. I don’t see any mention of extra Shipping costs, so it may be $15 for a Pin with shipping included.

Bandanimals – Here’s one that’s obviously by furries for furries. It’s a re-design of the muzzle bandannas I’m sure you’ve seen at cons. This update promises a lighter material that is easier to breath through and a 1-sided design so you can flip it around and wear as a non-muzzle normal bandanna.

Beasts of Balance – This is a balancing game along the lines of Jenga. It comes with an App that connects to your smart device that it uses to visualize the game’s scoring. This project in particular is for a 2nd edition along side a new expansion for the base game which actually came out a while ago.

Fauna of the Dirty South – Our last set of pins features punk Opossums and Trash Pandas. I investigated a tiny bit more on this one as I didn’t have much to say on the project and found his instagram a little interesting. Particularly the skull with fuzzy fox ears.

Cartoon Miniatures – We have another set of anthro miniatures, but these ones are a bit more unique with less common species. I like the Panda, but Rinos are rather more exotic when it comes to anthros.

Re:Legend – Multiplayer Monster Rancher X Rune Factory. If that does not ring any bells: Monster Rancher was a monster raising sim where you trained monsters to take part in monthly fighting tournaments, entirely unlike pokemon’s exp grind system. Rune Factory was a farming simulator like Harvest Moon, but also with dungeons and combat. It is currently all clear for a PC release on Steam but has stretch goals assigned for every major console, including the Switch.

I have one final thing I’d like to share this week and that is from a project that has long since ended but which you can now buy their stuff right from their online store. It’s another set of furry miniatures with a bit of Chibi to them. Have a look and pick up any that jump out at you.

Bombshell Miniatures: Kritterkins – Remember these come unpainted.

It should also be mentioned that BarPig and The Tim’rous Beastie Anthology mentioned last week are still funding and available to be backed.

– HappyWulf