Altfurry supports neo-nazi violence, with member Nathan Gate on camera in Charlottesville.

by Patch O'Furr

Altfurry is the term used by a tiny fringe of hateful bigots in the furry fandom.  (It’s accurate to replace “alt” with “anti”, as you can see below).  Last week they encouraged members to attend the “Unite the Right” rally where neo-nazis attacked and killed protesters. (archive)

One altfurry attendee was Nathan Gate / TheBigKK / KryptoKroenen – a college student from Arizona, and Hitler fan on Stormfront and Daily Stormer.

Here’s a gallery with some images of Nathan’s furry involvement. You may have already seen his involvement with Altfurry swatting Califur (below).

(UPDATE): Newsweek covered Nathan organizing for the Altfurry group, as well as nonfandom neo-nazis for Richard Spencer’s alt-right dot com. In the article Nathan lied that he was not a furry, which you can see contradicted in screenshots in the above link.

Nathan Gate was with the neo-nazis rallying in Charlottesville when a violent felony was caught on camera. Victim Deandre Harris spoke out, a crowdfund raised six figures for him and attackers were identified. Nathan watched and supported the attackers. (UPDATE: there have since been multiple felony convictions.)

Nathan posted online to harass people supporting the victim, saying “it was beautiful watching his ass get beat”. If there was any question about privacy when attending a neo-nazi rally, there’s another answer for why this is public. (archive)

Altfurry Discord, run by Casey Hoerth AKA Len Gilbert – (finance writer for Motley Fool and The Street, and erotic nazifur fiction The Furred Reich) – posted more jokes about violence and murder done by neo-nazis. (archive)

Read more about how Altfurry targets kids for hate with Casey Hoerth (“Len”), Nathan Gate, and Stormfront members.  Altfurry also attempts to cancel furry cons.  Here’s screenshots from their chat to plan “swatting” against Califur, and one of Nathan Gate’s phone calls to help.

Nathan / TheBigKK is joined by a partner known as Vomitb0yy / Birb / KKKutie, who does furry art commissions while saying the furry fandom are a bunch of degenerate pussies and it sucks getting grouped in with the tards.” (Chat screens below.) Nathan’s own message to furries says that he hopes “your nasty fandom is torn apart.”

The attempt to get Califur shut down by Casey Hoerth, altfurry and Nathan Gate cost $24,000 to the con. Here’s the con’s statement about threats they received.

Before Nathan’s phone call and the chat screens were posted, Altfurry and Casey Hoerth lied that they didn’t organize the calls to Califur. (archive 1, 2.)

When the denial stopped working, those tweets were deleted.  Then altfurry members began lying that Nathan Gate / TheBigKK was never a member, isn’t a furry, or used to be a member but isn’t any more.  The story changes depending on which one is lying to deflect blame. (1, 2, 3, 4)

Altfurry also lies about their neo-nazi ties. It’s part of a very old strategy.  The first step is to try to present themselves as a legitimate and non-violent political or ideological movement. The second is to provoke a violent or visceral response in a supposedly non-violent manner. The third is to point to that response to claim the other side is unreasonable. They’ve fallen back to starting over with the first step now.

(UPDATE:) Nathan Gate contacted me to beg me to take this article down. See screenshots in this thread:

(UPDATE:) This thread has even more evidence of altfurries and neo-nazis colluding, with more named.

Let your local meets know if any member of Altfurry attends. Don’t fall for the fake story that “both sides” are responsible for the aggression you can see here. Urge them to respond like The Furst State did:

Altfurs aren’t just trolls, they’re neo-nazis hiding behind animal avatars.  They intend to exploit and attack this little fandom because it’s supportive for many kinds of people, who built something happy, creative, and thriving on it’s own terms. Keep it that way by ditching them until they ditch the hate.

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