Furries resist hate, Altfurry Discord logs go public, Casey Hoerth removed by employers.

by Patch O'Furr

Last week, Dogpatch Press linked the alt-right of furry fandom with a violent neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville. It came on a wave of fandom news, synched with the even bigger one in the mainstream.  There’s too much for one update (more is coming.)

Open neo-nazi marching led to nationwide pushback.  It included hate groups being kicked off of many services, from Paypal to Discord. The Altfurries saw it coming in their own Discord group, and soon their group was gone. (Keep in mind that’s not a government act, it’s a company choosing to refuse service.)

That was a signal for inside leaks to be exposed.  I had access to their secret chats for months but couldn’t talk about it before.  Months of altfurry private communications are now here for anyone to see; what we’ve been saying all along wasn’t exaggeration.  Altfurry really does represent neo-nazi activism and recruiting they are trying to push into the fandom. It’s a huge blow to their pretense of just having different opinions.  The dust will be settling for a long time.

Altfurrydiscord logs get viral sharing and media coverage.

Flayrah covered some of the happenings: ‘Alt-Furry’ suffers blowback after Alt-Right rally leads to death of citizen.

Newsweek interviewed some involved people including Deo, and from the altfurries, Casey Hoerth and Nathan Gate. The journalist is a freelancer who did a previous piece on the alt-right, whose previous experience was writing for Heat Street (a conservative site that recently shut down). I spoke to his editor about reporting with false equivalency. And I spoke to another media source for coverage that isn’t open to talk about yet. Articles are forthcoming. (Update: Newsweek published theirs.)

Work begins for sorting info.

Confidential volunteers are tracing connections and identities in the altfurry logs. A few sample contents include:

“Echoes” ((())) is a code used to target jews for hate.

Conventions come out against hate.

Furry conventions and groups began responding directly to the news. Whether carefully worded to stay diplomatic or not, the implications were clear – altfurry is oil and water with furry fandom.  “I haven’t felt so proud of the fandom in a LONG WHILE”, said Yuri the Lion’s post: (Let’s Keep Momentum: Furry Con List and Contact Information.)

New statements of policy came from Furrydelphia, Texas Furry Fiesta, and The Furst State.

Altfurry leader Casey Hoerth removed by former employer Motley Fool, and recent employer The Street.

Casey (AKA Len Gilbert and “The Furred Reich”) ran @altfurrydiscord.  When not writing nazi furry fiction, he’s been seen managing for the Trump campaign, and freelancing for financial news sites.  A reader sent a tip after speaking with Casey’s former employer, Motley Fool. They verified his involvement and deleted his previous work as a statement against hate. You can verify the dead links here. It was several years old but won’t be a resume item any more.

Lately, Casey was working for The Street.  Apparently someone there caught on to his white supremacist activity because his author page is now dead. His professional profile on Muckrack still links to currently live articles on Seeking Alpha, with author name changed to “Dividend Stream”.

UPDATE: Casey Hoerth has been removed by Motley Fool, The Street, and now Muck Rack. He remains (with changed name) on Seeking Alpha.

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