Monster Party Cafe opens in Japan – the first permanent furry-themed business?

by Patch O'Furr

It’s fun to go to themed places that make you feel like you’re in a movie. There’s Speakeasy and Tiki bars, or even Horror and Clown themed bars. For a spooky time, try The Jeckyl and Hyde Club in NYC, Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den in Minneapolis, or Lovecraft Bar in Portland, Oregon. How about a visit to Toontown?

For some people, it’s more than fun. Night life is real life. Some places support subculture or identity like Gay and Leather bars.

Why not a furry bar? It’s a half-joke/half-suggestion I’ve been making for years. One night a month, you can do dances like Frolic in San Francisco, Foxtrot in Denver, Tail! Party in Long Beach, or Howl Toronto.  But what if there was a place to be your furry self almost any night?

There have been a lot of “fandom firsts” in a short while – some good, some bad. There was the first mainstream-accessible furry movie and the first Furry political scandal.  Now, new ground has been broken by a permanent establishment with a furry theme. It’s an idea that could go much farther, but take a look.

I asked Tsukiyo to help with questions about the cafe and furry stuff in Japan, but they were busy. Maybe someone else can help?

This reminds me of what FuzzWolf of Furplanet says he’ll do if he wins the lottery – open a permanent furry book store. Germany’s Fusselschwarm is an LGBT bookstore with a furry curator and furry section (or was, may be all-online now).

How about a furry-themed community center, maybe powered by a cafe/gallery to host art shows, movie screenings, and fursuit dances and classes? Like the furry-themed Artsplosion event at an LGBT community center in San Jose CA, but all the time. At some point, I’ll follow up with a post about “What would a fantasy furry store look like?”

This kind of stuff inspired my “Furry Good Ideas” article. I can’t wait to see some of these come true one day. Be ambitious, you loveable animals.

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