Ground control to Major Paws – Space Camp party is coming in March.

by Patch O'Furr

Furclub: “A repeat/regular nightclub event by furries for furries.” It’s a dance party independent from cons. The concept has been spreading since the late 2000’s. It’s a movement! See the list of parties at The Furclub Survey. Featured here is a new event in Alameda, CA. 

Space themed costumes, dancing, DJ’s, fursuiting, craft beer, and waterfront views on San Francisco and the Bay Bridge! This is happening at a massive 1200+ person hangar converted to a brewery.  There’s 10,000 sq. feet of indoor fursuit-friendly naturally cooled space, free secure parking, and a huge outdoor patio with food trucks. Space Camp joins Frolic party, Wild Things, and Party Animals as events for SF Bay Area furry night life.

For San Francisco Pride 2017, I organized with the Burning Man art car “Unaverz” to be our furry float in the parade. They’re coming to Space Camp as a mobile sound system with DJ and upper deck hang out space. Not just furries, but Burners and anyone who wants an amazing party should come check this out. Tell your friends!

@NachoHusky (contact on Telegram or Twitter) is the organizer. Roman Otter, the volunteer coordinator, wants to hear from anyone interested in volunteering. (A short shift gets free entry – sign up on the main site). Those interested in doing photos or videos should get in touch.

The pre-party fursuit photo shoot and volunteer meet:

Nacho Husky – photo by Pup Leo

Photo by Pup Leo

Photo by Pup Leo

At Faction brewing it was a clear Sunday afternoon on the bay. The breeze smelled like garlic fries from the food truck. 40-some furries including 30 fursuiters turned out for the pre-party meet. The place was packed with all ages, including dogs and kids on the patio. They loved running around and laughing at sight of the fursuiters. We had to shoo them away from the indoor fursuit lounge. When we came out, they challenged a 6-foot Dalmatian to a race (the kids won.)  A family waved me over to say hi to a baby who was probably 10 months old in a teddy bear outfit: “he’s in training to be one of you guys.”

Marbles and Cheesecake, a happy young woman with green hair and a guy wearing her patched jacket, were there to do videos. It was their first furmeet. Being new to the community and under 21, they had heard of how popular Frolic party was and were longing for a chance to go. They were extra excited to find out about local bowling meets for all ages.

Blue skies were more than just the mood for Toby, a pilot fur. He joked with me about wanting to fly over the party and buzz the shore – I told him to come do sky writing, or take us up for some fursuit skydiving to really turn up the space theme.

TopDawg, a raver fur I know as an event promoter, told me about planning to bring 3 loads of lighting for Space Camp. I asked if he had other parties going on in the last year. “There’s no parties after your friends die in a warehouse fire” he said sadly, talking about the Ghost Ship disaster that I wrote about in December 2016. He was almost going to be security for it. It was an exceptionally extreme case of mismanagement, but even so – “now they think all underground parties are like that”. Impossible costs were why they were underground in the first place and then crackdowns made things even harder. A new venue inviting us is a great thing for the community.

How does one get into such a great place when furry events don’t happen just anywhere? Nacho told me about helping to save the brewery business by upgrading their electrical system and getting owed a favor. The owner told me that any time they need computer help, she calls Nacho. Hopefully he has good success that leads to repeats (and more budget for ideas like bouncy castles outdoors.)

“This meet was a great idea”, Roman Otter told me. “The owner has been walking around and meeting us, and she gets to see who is coming. It’s really easing any tension.” In fact this isn’t just taking a chance on inviting furries – it’s Faction’s first after hours party for anyone.

A parade of fursuiters headed next door to Hangar One Vodka. While we got group photos by the equipment, we talked about their flavors. “One day collectors will search out this batch”, I told a friend – “It’s the recipe they can’t repeat, specially infused with wet dog”.

See you there on March 10, 8PM – 2AM.  Faction Brewing, 2501 Monarch Street, Alameda CA.

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