Fur Health’s fitness training guide – and a mental health video from Taebyn pup.

by Patch O'Furr

Furry hugs are amazing medicine, but sometimes you need something more. Here’s two guest submissions from two awesome furries who love the community and have something more to give.

Eye candy is best to start an article, so check out this adorable puppy Taebyn. He’s silly but has something serious to bark about. Even a fantasy world of talking animals has members affected by suicide. It can even be a special issue because of how surveys show this fandom has many young and LGBT people. When I met Taebyn in person at Further Confusion, the local community of the con just lost a young member who took his own life, but I wasn’t able to share about it for privacy. So this post is for remembrance as well as help and good vibes.

The Fur Health Training Guide – a message from TaxBeast

My name is Drew, or better know as @TaxBeast. The past few months have been what I feel to be some of the most rewarding I have had in this community. Through my years on twitter, i’ve always been known as “the guy who posts fitness” furry. It’s always been a hobby of mine. However I felt like I wanted to give something back to the community after having a lot of positive memories over the past decade. There has always been a somewhat consistent flow of of people asking what I do to to stay in shape, how to build muscle, or just how to get a better self image. For a while, I wasn’t sure how to answer. I had worked years in the nutrition and supplement industry, and even worked as a personal trainer for a bit.

In the Fall of 2017 I had a plan. I wanted to get like minded people together, and start a group with the goals of knowledge and motivation in mind. I talked to @FaarTheRam on twitter after seeing that he too was a fur into fitness, with a similar drive to want people to succeed. Less than a week later the original channel “The Furry Fitness Chat” was made. A month or two went on, we added admins, and in no time we reached over 100 members.

This led to making a guide to share everything I knew and for people to take as they wanted. I wanted to make something that was clear and to the point, something that I felt, and still feel that most of the health industry lacks. I began writing the “TAXBEAST WEEKLY GYM PROGRAM”.

Within is an explanation of why I wrote the guide, an introduction to terminology and training terms, a four day workout plan, a way to find your nutritional needs, diet routines and tips, and finally supplements that I get frequently asked about.

It’s taken a mere 6 months to write this guide, created a safe and toxic free group for people to have an extra drive to better themselves, and help guide a twitter page for like minds to share and discuss their experiences.  Follow us at @Fur_Health.

Here’s a few words from individuals I’ve worked with:

“Comprehensive, no nonsense, and passionately written–Tax’s Weekly Gym Program is THE guide for anyone aspiring to be the best they can be.” – Fengalon

“Both the group and guide has helped me get the results I wanted. I feel more confident about myself and how people approach me to talk to me without me intiating conversation. I never experienced such a positive atmsophere with the group and Tax displaying his expertise on nutrtion and exercise. Also, both has helped me to be more knowledgable about fitness and my depression. With the group, I feel encouraged to continue in my endeavor to a better me and with the guide to understand what goes on in the fitness world. I never felt such a positive group and guide as this one.” – @Stryker_Fox 

“In the course of a week I went from stagnated to decimated.” – @SickleVox

Thanks guys for sharing your good vibes and knowledge! Furries have some of the most creative people I know – add successful and healthy too. That’s what comes from following your passion far beyond what ordinary people do.  If anyone gets good results or help from this, please share in comments or on Twitter.

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