A deep dive into the Altfurry mission to “redpill” fandom with hate – Part 1

by Patch O'Furr

Background of a hate group.

Fandom is about imagination, but it’s made of people with a real community. Having a healthy community means discussing issues in it like grown-ups, from politics to risks. That includes happenings in the wider culture that affect a subculture full of loveable college-aged oddballs. These stories connect to “Altfurry”:

The alt-right is a racist fringe group that defines itself in opposition to others (like the mainstream, minorities, and people who aren’t racist). It can’t exist on its own, so they try to creep in, recruit and manipulate for power. Like two-faced chameleons, they wear an outer face to hide a disturbing inner narrative. They sugarcoat it, but the end goal is hateful bigotry. You can see through it when you know what “cryptofascism” is and how it works.

Knowing the alt-right agenda is the key to understanding how altfurries infest fandom:

  • Fandom makes a captive audience who might be groomed by people like themselves (often playing on insecurities of young males).
  • Fandom acceptance and LGBT membership makes a cover; altfurries use it to protest that they can’t possibly be fascist because they are *token identity*. (That’s historically false: 1930’s Nazis had gay leaders until they took power and killed them – and their Japanese allies weren’t white.)
  • They may claim to be “centrist” or “diverse” while their actions disprove it. Some things, like racism, don’t have other sides. To sugarcoat the agenda, they may syncretize (merge and co-opt) pseudo-liberal concerns, like for workers or gay rights. But it’s short-term and selective for loyal followers.
  • Altfurries are considered losers by the alt-right. Fandom is where they want a “safe space”, but their hate keeps them on the fringe here too. Even so, they still try to re-rebrand for wider acceptance. People driven by insecurity and malice aren’t thoughtful enough to get why it will never work.
  • Fandom is crowdsourced and peer to peer. The altfurry fringe adopts that process for grooming, despite absurd contradictions of mixing furry and hate. Most of it involves convincing each other, unlike a cult of personality with a single leader. It looks like fandom superficially, but behind the scenes they do rank members by trust and devotion to racist and fascist belief. They keep higher decision-making separate from fresh meat they target.
  • Memes are their main activity that resembles furry creativity, but in a derivative, parasitic way. It’s propaganda for grooming and attacking.

More details are covered here: How White Nationalism Courts Internet Nerd Culture. *


* For those unfamiliar with the term “red pilling” it is a cult like indoctrination, programming a new member that what the group promotes is the only real enlightened truth and that these truths had been kept hidden from them by evil forces controlling society.

A special target for altfurry hate is critics who interfere with grooming and indoctrinating. They’re labeled SJW’s – “social justice warriors” – in other words, healthy people who care about their community and won’t give a free pass to bigotry. (That describes most of fandom.) Vilifying opposition serves recruiting, and makes a watered-down version of “jews control the world”, so altfurs can conveniently scapegoat targets who react to being attacked.

Their “art”: mindless cliches, grooming, attacking, and nothing but pushy politics.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: In Part 2, a deep dive into Altfurry finds explicit, nauseating evidence.

This post is split for amount of screenshots.  The source is “Altfurry Mead Hall,” a Discord server that grew after the neo-nazi march at Charlottesville. It documents months of chat in their private channel for trusted staff, which filters out memes and filler and shows exactly what they’re about. The server is run by Casey Hoerth/”Len Gilbert”, AKA “The Furred Reich”. These chat logs add to a long mission of hate shown by previous leaks from his Altfurry Discord.

You will see:

  • “Len” (Casey) is paranoid about vetting and ranking staff, with applications, personal vouching and a point system to judge their cult devotion. (Isn’t it funny when they claim to be about free expression with no gatekeeping?)
  • A supposed 18+ group rule is bent to allow a minor into their most trusted staff channel. Political loyalty comes before anything else.
  • Len gives a mental map of associated altfur servers. Newcomers are funneled into different groups so they can be groomed or played against others.
  • Hardcore political racists are specially welcomed after many left because furries were too gay and centrist. Len makes attracting them fundamental while keeping it from public notice. It shows that altfurry is inseparable from hate, and members are complicit.

  • Insecure Len has an enemy list with Dogpatch Press on top as “ten times worse than @Deotasdevil”. (Wow, he hates something more than a vocal woman.)
  • Midwest Furfest made them extra active, but they didn’t meet because Deo leaked a meet plan. (In altfur parlance, that’s “cucked”.)
  • The chat talks about Foxler being an embarrassing association for them, making it hard to sugarcoat what they do. They’re relieved that FBI attention on Foxler hasn’t gotten worse and led to arrests yet. They discuss Dionysius trying to break up the Furry Raiders and how it’s good for them because the Raiders are a mess all the time. (Pot, kettle…)
  • They wanted an interview on the politics channel Louder with Crowder to make altfurry look “good” by accusing Antifa furs and FA of working together.
  • Their insecurity-fueled dream is to make a right wing con and turn the tables on “commies” by making them walk on eggshells.
  • Grooming tactics include filtering curious newcomers through a sham site that pretends to look neutral.
  • Trolling tactics include scheming to take over old abandoned FurAffinity accounts to make sockpuppets with histories.
  • There’s lengthy focus on trolling a chat group interview with Deo, trying to push members to fight each other. They discuss trolling tactics on and on and on. They admit wanting to look normal and reasonable by avoiding talking like nazis, making their enemies look mad and crazy, then stealthily pretending to be lefties and attacking popufurs to make others hate lefties.

This is what a hate group does. It has nothing to do with being friends, making and sharing furry art, or being in a fandom. Fandom is nothing more than their target for trolling, politics, grooming and recruiting.  Altfurry has no concept of a community. They’re selfishly fixated on “power” in it.

To them, power means popularity – with zero understanding about how having friends comes from being a friend. They don’t even make creative stuff that catches notice. They want to be cool and proud of something without doing any work for it, motivated by jealousy. Racial supremacy just makes a lazy dividing quality that’s innate and can’t be taken away. Their main activity is hating people who get in their way. The stigma that comes from such bad behavior makes them more and more thirsty for attention, while they seek authority to force fandom to accept them unconditionally.  It’s the most cliquish thing ever, and the saddest part is they convince each other that they’re right.

The defining feature of this group isn’t being hateful trolls – it’s being ultimate losers. They will only grow up by being exposed but avoided until they leave it.

Screenshots are coming in Part 2.

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