Culturally F’d: More Foxes Please

by Arrkay

Guest post by Arrkay from Culturally F’d, the furry youtube channel. See their tag on Dogpatch Press for more.

Finally, the YouTube channel for the furry fandom has enough videos about foxes to make a whole playlist. Our latest episode is all to do with the classic 1973 Disney film Robin Hood. This timeless classic surely set many young minds onward to furrydom. Our guest writer Tempe O’Kun has Arrkay squawking all about the stable relationship between Robin and Maid Marian.

Hey, who’s that middle fox in the thumbnail? Why it’s a Patreon sponsor in a YCH slot with art by Underbite Dragon! It’s a thing we’ve been offering since August on our regular episodes.

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In other news, the creators of Culturally F’d will be in attendance at Furnal Equinox 2018, and they’re running a couple of panels. Rusty gets into those in this months F’d Up Date. Rusty also responds to the amazing comments left on Fursuiting a History Part 1: Masks.


YouTuber Meetup
4:30-6:00PM Friday March 16
Room Bay
YouTubers meet and discuss the platform in an open Q&A discussion with a group of confirmed guest speakers from all genres! We have gamers, live streamers, fusuiters, a cooking show and an entomologist. We even through in a few jack-of-all-trades just to keep things lively! Furries are so talented! Arrkay and Underbite are moderating the discussion and we hope to talk about production, post-production, using YouTube, building channels and communities in online video entertainment.

Dakota Whitemane
Paradox (Furcast, XBN)
Majira Strawberry

Culturally F’d Panel
7:30-8:30PM Saturday March 17
Room Bay
Arrkay and Underbite share whats new and what’s up with the channel, and a sneak peak for whats next with Fursuit History (though Dogpatch readers may already have a clue). Culturally F’d actually premiered at FE2015, so this marks our third year in production! Most of our very first fans subscribed after meeting us at our first panel where we screened Episode One and outlined the general plan for the series. We’re now at Episode 58, with over 150 videos uploaded to YouTube (including F’d Up Dates, live streams, promo videos and Patreon Exclusives).


Show creator Underbite Dragon is now in the band Xephyr, with fellow furs Clumzy, Turi and Cobalt. Three dragons for every lion! Catch their performance at Furnal Equinox: Friday March 16 7:00-9:00PM alongside the fluffy duo Foxes & Peppers.

You can also catch an encore performance at a real human venue! Xephyr and Foxes & Peppers are performing the Hard Luck Bar on Monday March 19, 8:00PM (It’s the same venue as Howl Toronto).

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