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Call for artists – be paid and become Dogpatch Press’ Featured Artist

by Patch O'Furr

Imagine if every Google search was measured in sweat. In the 90’s, dead-tree newspapers were the place for movie listings, job ads and more. Delivering them was my first job. The Sunday paper was the size of a log, and it hurt to climb hills on a bike with a sack full of them in the middle of a blizzard or blazing heat. Relaxing afterwards with the comics was a treat, and there used to be a lot of good strips. Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite.

Furry has had zines, newsletters, comic books, strips, and webcomics. But I’m not aware of any fandom news publication with a regular comics or art feature adding to commentary. Dogpatch Press Patreon subscriptions are almost at the goal for that. It asks why furries don’t use the political cartoon format – (Wikifur says it had “some of the earliest anthropomorphic or funny animal art.”) Maybe they need a news source to host it? Doesn’t it seem like a worthy match?

That’s why the site is going to start commissioning an artist for a site banner. It will link to a headline post promoting the artist. Eventually regular comics might be added, but just a banner is OK to start.

TO APPLY – submit to

  • Your page link, one favorite piece, and a one-paragraph bio.
  • Your price for a banner for the top of this site.
  • (Optional) – Price for one comic with artistic freedom (any format; panel, strip, or page)
  • Price for a six month/six comic contract.

Preference goes to pro quality artists with an interesting style, message or story, who might be underexposed. Examples:

  • A unique or lesser seen art style like “Toon Grotesque“.
  • Nonfiction or political comics (true life stories, or single panel satire.)
  • Someone outside of the US or representing a community (Latin American artists have done previous banners.)
  • If you do a running comic, go ahead and use existing characters. Self-promoting in the art is great!

This isn’t a popularity contest to commission eye candy from the most-followed artists. Also, a lot of popular stuff is about sex – sex sells, and there’s no problem with that, but this is meant to promote stuff that doesn’t rely on it (that stuff already does well on it’s own). It helps to be worthy for other reasons. This is to showcase fandom potential and artists that deserve a boost.

Here’s some pieces that have previously appeared.

For artists – about the site.

“Furry news” is DIY alternative reporting from a fandom perspective. It’s a direct line to the furry world. There’s barely any “professional journalism” about furries because you can’t get that outside and there is no “objectivity” inside. For example, I write about events I also organize because nobody else will. That isn’t just news, it IS fandom, but it still counts as news the same as zines, columnists, magazine-style commentary, or “gonzo” first-person literary reporting. It can include jokes, satire, rough edges like a band’s bedroom album, RP, and a voice like yours. The concept is “Be The Media”, and it’s for love like artists do their thing.

So go wild!

Speaking of pay and making a professional platform: some writers chatted with me about starting a market-rate-paying furry publishing outlet apart from the Big Three publishers (Rabbit Valley, Sofawolf, Furplanet). Something with a periodical magazine concept. A top furry fiction author (no name, but you know it) confided to me that fandom just isn’t ready – it’s still a small niche that only supports handfuls of “pro fans” (like career fursuit makers) so far. It’s a shoestring budget deal, but fandom is growing, so let’s see where it leads.

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2 Responses to “Call for artists – be paid and become Dogpatch Press’ Featured Artist”

  1. Max Banshees says:

    so excited to see this!! was literally just thinking about emailing the team about making pro bono art for the articles. i’m a regular reader and i wanted to contribute somehow :’)

    very very excited to see all of the new art!!

  2. Due to my relationship with any major Furry site, I cannot contact an artist directly. Very tragic. I wish to congratulate Argentor for the excellent banner he drew for Dogpatch Press, and I wish to congratulate this site for having the excellent taste to know outstanding art when you see it. All the other banners are tip-top as well. Keep ’em coming!
    Very sincerely, Billy D Bunny

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