“At Home With The Furries” book almost at publishing goal, needs a boost in the last few days!

by Patch O'Furr

Tom Broadbent has been staging creative fursuit photography for many years. I covered him in: Five pro photographers advancing the art of furry documentary. For each I named a signature approach, and to me, Tom excels at “whimsy”. His carefully chosen fantasy scenes show a depth of intrigue and storytelling beyond conventional scenes. Tom takes great care with relationships with his subjects. I think he’s the ideal photographer that furries could ask for.

That’s why I’m rushing out a post on short notice to urge support for his project. Tom has a dream to showcase furry subjects in a photo book, a beautiful archival object. It’s a few days from the Kickstarter deadline, and of course the funding is all or nothing.

There are 124 backers at 70% of the goal – can it get all the way to 100%?

We’ll know on April 4. I usually avoid covering crowdfunding – so this is an unusual request.

Tom chatted with me about his feelings about trying to get his work promoted and published to a high standard:

“During this Kickstarter campaign, Cosmopolitan approached me to do an article. They did a really nice job.

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The day after, an American tabloid asked to do a feature and I had to turn them down, mainly because of their previous coverage of the furry community. I’ve worked with the furries for nearly 10 years and I can’t have anything jeopardizing the trust I’ve built with them. It’s a balancing act, obviously I could have done with the publicity, but then at what cost!

In terms of how protective I am of the work, it’s very! I want the work to be seen in the right places, as in the type of platforms that will add to the message I’m trying to say, not take away, devalue or sensationalise it. Hence it’s broadsheets, high quality magazines, websites and exhibitions. I have worked in the media for a long time and I know how the industry operates.

So that has meant a certain limitation of who can use the work and it’s meant saying no to a lot of outlets, for example tabloids and the inevitable TV production companies. It’s absolutely key that the furries involved in the project are happy with the sort of coverage I get. Here’s a tweet I made last week which sums up my position on it.”

Furries talk about supporting Tom’s work:

  • From Edward Fuzzypaws, featured in the book: Please help back this amazing project! <3 It’s a beautiful book and a wonderful tribute to the fandom!
  • From the Singapore FursNeed a little something to start a conversation among your guests as they relax your living room? Check out @Broadbentius and his photobook on furries as featured in Cosmopolitan.
  • From Alfa Fox, referring to the Cosmopolitan feature (also featured in the book): I honestly never thought I’d ever be able to say that I’d been in Cosmo! If you’ve not already, get behind @Broadbentius and his kickstarter.
  • From Sticks, the Fox (Sticks is in the book:) The excellent photographer @Broadbentius has just started a Kickstarter for a printed version of his project “At home with the Furries”. I had the privilege to be part of this & I have yet to find anyone who paints the fandom in such a wonderful light.
  • From Cosmo SnowmewRemember the Sunday Times Magazine “At Home With the Furries” series? Photographer, friend of furries and all-round cool cat @Broadbentius wants to turn it into a book… and needs your help funding it on Kickstarter!
  • From Ambery Badgyote:

Last words from Tom and Wolfy:

“I think possibly the most touching thing I’ve read since I launched the kickstarter is from a friend of mine, Wolfy from Lincoln. He’s a furry I met for the first time at a London fur meet, maybe in 2009 or so. This hit me hard and maybe sums up why the furry community is well, so great!

I asked Wolfy about the furry fandom and what it meant to him – I blogged about it recently here.”

Before (the furries) I had no social life. Struggled like hell with people and often had panic attacks. It wasn’t until I started to go to furry meets that I actually felt connected with people. For the most part the people were friendly and welcoming and very understanding. I still struggle at times in crowds but I have been to conventions, done furry camping. Things that would have scared the hell out of me 10 years ago.

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