Furry Dance Parties in Europe – A look by Soffy

by Patch O'Furr

Independent dance parties by furries, for furries: the concept has been growing around the world since the late 2000’s. It can spin off from cons, but doesn’t depend on them. It’s more ambitious than informal meets and events that happen once. Those can stay inner-focused, but dances bring new partnership and support from overlapping communities and new kinds of venues. It crosses a line to public space, so a stranger can walk in and discover their new favorite thing. It encourages new blood and crossover. It makes subculture thrive. It’s a movement!

Parties that give a Q&A get a featured article. See The Furclub survey for questions and party list.

The big list recently got enough entries that it needed to be split between continents. It brought a tip about a bunch of Euro and German parties that hadn’t caught notice, too many for an article for each. There are already well established ones on the main list, so this is just the extras. Most seem to be once-a-year, which makes it great to find so many.  Soffy, a journalist and furry in the UK, stepped up to collect them. (Thanks Soffy!)

DUTCH FURDANCE, Nieuwegein, Netherlands (2017 – NOW)

The Dutch Furdance is a relative newcomer to the circuit. The first year was a roaring success but it can only get bigger and better!

FURSTRIKE, Witten, Germany (one off date: October 6th 2018)

A brand new event for Euro furs is coming to Witten, Germany, late this year. Taking place at the WERK ° STADT club in the heart of Witten, it promises to be an event which is not to be missed! A furdance organized for Furries from Furries! The venue is furry friendly with no stairs, separate bar area for resting and an outside area to cool off (and in October, cool might not be the word I’m looking for. Brrrrr!).

NORDIC FURDANCE, Hamburg, Germany (2010 – NOW)

This is one of the biggest furdances to go to on the EU continent! Almost 10 years in operation!

SAXONY FURDANCE, Leipzig, Germany (2013 – NOW)

Operating out of Leipzig, Germany, Saxony Furs organize multiple events throughout the year for furries in the Saxony region of Germany (notabley Leipzig and Dresden) ranging from a summer camp to furdances.

SOUTH STATE FURDANCE, Stuttgart, Germany (2015 – NOW)

South States FurDance is the biggest fur event in the southern Baden-Württemberg region of Germany. South State furs also hold other events throughout the year so, if you are local, check them out!

BERLIN FURDANCE, Berlin, Germany (2018)

I can’t find much out about this particular furdance. You’d probably be best of checking out their website and social media platforms for more of an insight.

BAYERN FURDANCE, Bayern, Germany (2014 – NOW)

Bayern Furs organize multiple furdances across the year in Nuremburg in March, June and November (venues vary).

DUNKEL.FELL.TANZ, Essen, Germany (2015-NOW)

The best way to describe Dunkel.Fell.Tanz is… not your average furdance! Playing anything from EBM to Noise Techno, this event encourages darker furs to come out and play.

HALLOWEEN FURDANCE, Wolfsburg, Germany (2018-NOW)

Info pending – they’re setting up as this posts.

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT, Vienna, Austria (2016-NOW)

I can’t find much out about this particular furdance. You’d probably be best of checking out their website and social media platforms for more of an insight.

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