Fursuit photography from the urban jungle: Goku’s Furban Exploration.

by Patch O'Furr

Among the many hybrid species of furry subculture, one of its secret weapons is multi-talented artists – bright and devoted fans with a buffet of skills like making art, writing, and performing all at once. Even average fans bring many hobbies to such a wide-open interest. If you make a venn diagram for this, it’s plaid.

Start with photography and fursuiting. If you love it, after a little while, cute suits start blending together in the standard con-hotel backdrop. Each individual furry is a work of art, but the bigger the herd grows, the more it looks like a bewhiskered blob of technicolor barf. That just naturally comes with so much individualism.

Photos that are extra candid, specially staged, or use exciting locations stand out. It’s another reason why Street Fursuiting is my favorite thing. It made me ask: can suiting join the mix for those into street art or exploring abandoned places?

A crocodile could definitely have reservations. There are many sensible reasons for why others wouldn’t even consider it. Maybe some monkeys, climby raccoons, possums or squirrels would.

A great reply came from a Goku. He’s a Fox, Wild Dog, & Sewer Rat from Pittsburgh. He’s bold and beautiful in his own creepycrawly way. Look at him emerged from the underground and boldly rocking out on the street. Then read the story he sent in to share with everyone.  I hope you get inspired and think of exciting adventures to plan for yourself!

From Goku:

Good Afternoon Patch,

I want to thank you for your time for discussing fursuit photos and urban exploration, I am very glad to help garner some interest in the subject.

I am not the average fursuiter- I’m not the cute one, the most photogenic, and I’m not apt on the trends that our contemporaries are fond of. I like to be different, but like many others, I want to be noticed. While there are some merit to the droves of photos we all see of seductive poses, the common areas of many cons, etc., I aim to be idiosyncratic. I don’t damn anyone for those photos, but there are only so many ways you can be innovative on a queen size bed. I pair this with my love for the urban environment- I love the city, whether a buzzing metropolis, or a shell of glory from a previous generation. I have been getting slowly more daring with my endeavors, and in due time, I’m getting more creative.

I started with simple photo ops- dank alleyways, depressed suburbs, and areas where the walls and pavement are the canvas of artists of any walk of life. These small steps helped me get to know the basics of how to be as a fursuiter posing for photos and what pitfalls to be aware of when out in public. It gave me confidence, taught me simple limits of what to test, and in the end, was usually a creative product compared to what you see at your average furcon.

I have been coordinating with other furries (some in my area within Pittsburgh, some within the region), and learning more about urban exploration, and considering taking it to the next step. The reactions seemed to be mixed- on one hand, many are enthused to hear about the crossover since its untapped potential. With a lot of these venues (after they’re scoped out), it leads itself to some unique photos that are really hard to stage by conventional means. On the other hand, there are some dangers which I do weigh considerably, but I think I’d take a risk with (hazardous materials, drug paraphernalia, potential damage to a suit, possibility of misdemeanor charges for trespassing). You only live once, and while I’m typically measured and somewhat conservative with my mannerisms and upholding the law, I give zero fucks when I have the chance to do something as awesome as this.

I will be planning my first trip later this year to Detroit to the Heidelberg Project, and the abandoned Packard Motors plant. If you would like more information or photos on these, I’d be happy to do another write up and coordinate with the photographers.

Here’s some photos to give you an idea of what I’ve done since 2015.


– Goku!

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