Hairy heist: Have you seen this fursuit? Truckload of Furry Burning Man gear stolen in Oakland

by Patch O'Furr

MISSING: Animosulo’s fursuit. Can you help? Ask these news sources for attention, and link this article on Twitter (or use their other contacts):

Nacho’s suit was mistakenly mentioned as stolen (relying on info referencing multiple suits.)

(You might add  @burningman, and do send suggestions.)

Last time this happened…

A few years ago, Zarafa Giraffe’s beloved purple giraffe suit was stolen. He became furry-internet-famous (and a San Francisco celebri-fur, even to average people on the street.) There were stories by SFist and Broke-Ass Stuart and a journalist flew in from New York. The theft was sad but the outcome was happy.

Zarafa had been at Frolic Party, a legendary monthly furry dance party at The Eagle in San Francisco (which helped spark a whole movement of them across North America.) His fursuit bin was a tempting target for car break-in thieves. Neonbunny, founder and organizer of Frolic, personally hit the pavement to post flyers, along with some help. Thanks to his tireless work not just to promote the party, but care for it’s goers, there was an answer and the giraffe rejoined Zarafa.

Truck Tragedy in Oakland on 8/24/18

Now, Zarafa and friends have an even more devastating story to share.

Many furries share the Burning Man community (for the massive annual Nevada desert gathering). Three members were on the way together to Camp Fur. That’s a well-loved Furry Burner camp – the original of at least two camps (previously covered in this story, where you can also see a Furry Burner invited to the White House to meet President Obama.) Camp Fur is ALSO the project of Neonbunny, who is having his 20th year at the Burn in 2018. He’s told me it gets around 100 members by itself.

While these 3 furry Burners were away from loading their truck for a few minutes, it was stolen. The victims were Nacho Husky, Mukian, and Animosulo. Besides losing a large amount of camp gear, losing a fursuit makes this especially bad. Those one-of-a-kind things are irreplaceable and cost thousands, but they’re hardly worth anything to non-furries!

If you don’t know Nacho, you won’t forget his suit – or the events he leads. In March, his Space Camp Party drew 500+ furries, Burners, and party lovers to a waterfront brewery with a San Francisco skyline view. (I helped organize and do decor). While Frolic has been a community mainstay at the same place each month, Nacho’s been working to bring unusual parties in exceptional places like that.

In short, this crime didn’t just hit Nacho and friends, it hurts some of the wildest and best parts of SF Bay Area culture.

These are some of the most supportive helpers you could meet anywhere. We all share organizing for not-for-profit events, and I can personally credit them them for loaning gear and much more without nearly the recognition they deserve. The night before the theft, in return for tent parts I sent for their trip, Nacho and Mukian got me dinner at Oakland’s Dragon Gate. (They may have lost the 8 LB’s of garlic noodles they packed in a cooler for the Burn). The place reminds me of Oakland night life scenes in Sorry To Bother You. It’s crazy how 3 furries went to a bar, and I told them about the movie *spoiler* without mentioning the h…. d…

These critters could use all the good karma they have coming. I think all of them made it to the desert, so this involves support while they’re out of contact.

UPDATE: Here’s a gallery of close ups of the stolen truck, and security vids of at least 3 perpetrators. The getaway truck is a dark blue pickup with black canopy saying “Automotive transport services, 510-433-3179”

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