It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Furflight! West Coast to Midwest Furfest – sign up by Sept. 21

by Patch O'Furr

Sign up to fly:

Super organizer MikeFolf/Canis Vulpes got in touch to share his project of herding an airplane full of furries all the way to Midwest Furfest, taking the good vibes of the con much farther than one city. If you want to go, don’t sleep on this, the seats are filling fast!

He says:

FurFlight is a series of group flights on existing commercial aircraft that extends the convention experience to the journey. That reduces stress of travel there, and eliminates PCD on return, with a lot of friends along for the trip.

We did a test run for MFF 2017 from SFO.  There were over 70 furries on a 110-seat plane, run by Virgin America. Fursuiting was cleared post-security with SFO and Virgin.  That allowed for a parade of sorts from screening to gate, with plenty of eager photo ops from other passengers and gate agents.

For many of us, the flight was one of the only times they enjoyed flying. Because of the success, we’re expanding to a flight on Wednesday, as well as a Wednesday and Thursday Flight in Seattle, all operated by Alaska Airlines. They bought Virgin last year and have been bending over backwards to accommodate us, of which we’re grateful for. We’re also looking at what’s tricky about getting to cons, to see how we can smooth out the rough spots.

All FurFlight guests are guaranteed a refundable ticket and group seating, and a PAW (Prepared-Assortment of-Wellness) Pack – which contains basic toiletries, snacks, and treatments to get through the convention. In addition, we have guides – SkyCollies – who are helping guests out with tickets and preparing to fly as well as guiding them through the airports. We also bundle in foods and WiFI for higher paying guests that want a little extra.

The end goal is to make the journey as fun as the con, and we hope to bring this experience to more furries as we look at other cons to expand to.

I’ve included pics from last year and here’s a video that shows Midwest FurFlight in the first bit.