More Furry YouTubers You Might Not Have Seen

by Pup Matthias

Last year, I did an article highlighting some Furry YouTubers you might not have seen. At that time I wanted to share some creators in the growing field of Furry YouTube. Now, it’s grown enough so being a Furry YouTuber is seen as a creative field like for any artist, writer, musician, or dancer in the fandom. There are tons of creators big and small in this little corner of YouTube, working to get your attention. Although sometimes it can be hard to see what makes one stand out from another.

When you have so many who put on their fursuits to do silly vlogs just like everyone like them, it can make viewers burn out because there’s little difference for watching one over another. That’s why someone like BetaEtaDelota who uses character stills over blurry gameplay footage, with his soothing voice, was able to stand out and grow as he did in this space.

Doing YouTube is like riding a bike. It’s easy to say how to do it (Be yourself, have decent audio and lighting, compelling titles, SEO, a consistent schedule, etc…) It’s another to actually ride it, and juggle all these factors together to make content that stands out and gets people to watch it. I’ve been making videos for over five years and have learned that the hard way.

So today, I have six creators for you who put their own unique spin on being a Furry YouTuber. This was actually inspired by a tweet from one creator who wished to share how other small creators have made an impact on the fandom in 2018. It’s not hard to see why they were recommended. Each of these creators goes beyond the fursuit, and uses their Furry as a part of their content without having it define their content.

The only thing to note is that this isn’t a “go subscribe to these creators” piece. Some of the creators I knew before the tweet. Others were new, and one is my personal pick. Each I believe is worth watching as examples to other creators, but I’ll leave the decision to you if you wish to follow them. Plus there’s some light criticism for some, because we’re always growing and there’s room to improve. Now here are more Furry YouTubers you might not have seen.

Adler The Eagle

You’ve probably already heard of Adler. He’s slowly growing, thanks to his storytelling Adler Animates videos, in the same way as TheOdd1sOut and Jaiden Animations. But he also diversifies his content with his short Adler Answers and As Seen On TV product testing Bargain Bird. Those two are done in his fursuit. All of them are dripping with his sunny personality. Each video is filled with such sugary sweetness I’m pretty sure I’m legally diabetic. Adler is a talented creator and personally, and I think the best YouTuber in the Furry space so far. Each video is made with such care that I can’t help but geek out over him. But don’t take my word for it. Check out his latest video and see what I mean. Just have some Linkin Park at the ready because he’s just so happy, you guys!

Nasi – Diversity of Life

Have you ever watched Sci Show and thought, “you know… Hank Green would be better as a sexy birdie?” Well, then Nasi’s Diversity of Life is for you. As a scientist-biologist-entomologist, Nasi shows the wild and amazing things nature can do – from the uses of Cannabis, or the effects of Climate Change, to the theatrical performances you can find in nature. With their laid-back delivery, you feel like you’re watching a friend talking about all the stuff you forgot during science class. This is the creator that tweeted about the others. While they may not have realized they would be on here, I’m happy they did, because their content makes me smarter about the world around me. Give them a look and see what I mean.

Dr. Wildlife

It’s another education channel you would almost think is similar to Nasi, but they’re different. Dr. Wildlife is focused equally on zoology and animals. She does deep dives into the different creatures that make up our world, and looks at their phyla, classes, orders, families, genera, and species. Boy, that brought up middle school flashbacks for me like no other. Her down to earth personality gives us a chance to see that while we like to dress up as animals, it’s amazing to see what they can do in real life and why conservation is important to protect them. The only thing I’ll say, is she could tighten up her editing. A jump cut here and there can help keep the video’s pace. Other than that, her passion for animals is worth a watch. Also, she’s a protogen and that’s awesome.


Moving on from the earth, to SPACE! SSSPPPPPPAAAAAAACCCEEEEEEE! Breaking onto the scene with his Living in Space video, Hiyu is a science engineering nerd, here to talk to you about space, rocket science, and more space stuff. Ever wonder what makes the inside of a spaceship? Why haven’t we gone to the sun? Or why did that Space X rocket do the spinning thing? Hiyu is your space tree noodle to show you.

Ash Coyote

I’ve talked about Ash in another article, but she deserves a spot here like anyone else. She’s a trans creator, focused on a variety of content from short advice videos, to let’s plays with her husband, to her documentary series on Trans voices. Ash is doing a lot to show a side to the community that doesn’t get as much attention, and put them in the spotlight. Her direct way of addressing topics will make the two-minute videos be time well spent, even if I would love to see them be a little longer. Ash is the kind of creator we need both in the community and on YouTube. One who without a doubt needs to be watched.

Snakebusters! – Ruby and Violent J

Wasn’t it cool when Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse had his daughter do a video in her fursuit head? Or when he got his own ICP fursuit head at MFF? Wasn’t that Snakebusters episode about scummy fursuit companies amazing? Well, Ruby and her Dad are back to bust more snakes in Snakebusters. Yes, they did episode 2 back at the end of September, and it’s just as delightful as before. The only thing I would like them to do is work on titling their videos better. I’m excited to see the Snakebusters, but I would love to see what they’re busting next. Nonetheless, Ruby and her Dad are an amazing duo that loves doing what they do. I can’t wait to see what other snakes they will bust next.

That’s all I have for you. I hope you’ll find a creator you enjoy, and if you like their content make sure to share it as well. No one grows an audience on YouTube unless you share it, and good word of mouth goes a long way. Until next time fluffer nutters. Have a nice day.

Pup Matthias

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