Furry YouTubers You Might Not Have Seen

by Pup Matthias

Furry Videomakers are an under appreciated section of the Furry Fandom. A lot of this falls under different factors like how all the Furry sites don’t offer a way to submit video. We covered this topic back when we covered The Raccoon’s Den. Recently; we had a surprise on YouTube when Rainy Chaos was featured as their Artist on the Rise, which exposed a lot of people, Furry or not, to a personality they never seen. Though Rainy being featured had it’s own series of ups and downs.

However, there are more Furry YouTubers then you might think. Many of which are part of a Slack group. Talking about making better content, contributing with other videos, and showing off their work for feedback from their peers. Talking with several members, we are happy to present to you a list of Furry YouTubers You Might Not Have Seen. A highlight of different creators talking about what their channel is about, featuring their most recent or favorite video they’ve produced. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your next possible Furry obsession.


Furries in the Media is a series that reviews video clips that feature furries based on how accurately and fairly the clip represents the furry fandom. News broadcasts, tv shows, documentaries, movies, and even popular youtube videos are often covered in Furries in the Media.

The youtube channel was originally intended to host a vlog series. The idea for Furries in the Media came about during the planning stages of the vlog as a possible spin-off series, and it was quickly realized that the review series had much more potential than the vlog itself.

Many people are only familiar with the furry community through infrequent yet often misinformed representations of furries in mainstream media. This series strives to dispell misconceptions and to better inform the public about furries. Furries in the Media does this by countering the misconceptions and providing additional context and information so that the furry community may be better understood by all.



My channel is mainly about covering advice and opinions from the mind of a conniving Toon Cat through my series ‘The Clawy Variety Show’. I decided on that name because its Clawy’s take on a variety of things and common topics in the furry fandom that give information to young or new furs or to furs that are curious about said topic. I decided to dedicate my channel to this because I don’t see too many “Toons” doing videos. Now I have seen a handful do slapstick and whatnot, but I’d like to see more toons being toons, while still addressing things of importance from time to time. Plus its more fun when your character is a bit of a clown and it’s insanely fun to see that added into the mix.


HOW FURRY IS IT? by Greger Reindeer

“‘How Furry Is It?’ is a series that looks at various TV shows, movies, videogames, and other media, and analyzes their qualities of anthropomorphism. It’s like a furry review show, but better! Hosted by Greger Reindeer, this series takes a more in depth look in media with plenty of research and educated opinion to boot. Come for the anthro analysis, stay or the antler antics.”



The Griffcast – in its basic form – is about 3 friends hanging out and watching bad movies. Or at least that’s the theme we try and bring across.

We don’t censor our thoughts and dig into all kinds of bad and obscure visual media; TV episodes of old cartoons nobody remembers, bad animated movies, etc. Really nothing is off limits…just tends to sway toward animated features most of the time.

The Youtube channel was born from a necessity to have some way for our viewers to see the content. The show started off as a podcast in 2013… more audio and with an entirely different crew aside from myself. That lasted for a good year until we dissolved and put the show on a permanent hiatus. Around 2016, I talked to my friends Sparx and Bootz and we made a few changes. The show you see now is the result.


BIOGODZ just Biogodz

My name is Bio and I’m usually known as Biogodz on Youtube & vine. In the furry community, I’m known for making short skits with Al the wolf and Friends. The best videos I’ve made in the past are Stranger in the room series and the cooking skits with Kale the deer.

Thank you to all the creators for featuring their work. Till next time Fluffer Nutters. Have a nice day.


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