Furry movie lovers – what’s this (F3) thing coming to Utah?

by Patch O'Furr

If you find yourself in Utah and want fun in Salt Lake City, follow the secret furry scent trail to Fluff Party. And if you sniff a whiff of popcorn, it might be the newest coolest thing I’ve been wanting to see. This is an idea whose time has come.

IT’S REAL! I’ve been wishing for a furry film fest since 2014 (with updates from Fred Patten and [adjective][species]). Not just for mainstream stuff (of which there is plenty) but one organized by fandom.  It could boost an indie scene like there already is for artists and cons. Especially for furry animation of the kind that has some newer artists finding success like Jib Kodi or Adler Eagle. There’s hints that the time is right, like Youtube taking furries to the 100K subscriber level. I’m so into the idea that there’s a section of this site for it (it’s in The Furry Movie Scene section here). There’s also a rare breed of furry feature films for inspiration (like Finsterworld, Fursonas, or Rukus).

Imagine a world where you can go to the movies with furries. You’re sitting next to some kangaroos, and they offer you popcorn out of their pouches. Would you eat it? Would it be rood to reject them, so you go ahead, and it’s delicious, but what if it’s weirdly warm and buttery in there? Would your apetite get roo-ined? Or would “pouchcorn” be a delicacy like truffle fries or something, and … sorry, I got off track, this is about an awesome FILM FEST!

I asked Chrono Wolf to pop more info in my inbox, and here ya go. Hot off the press. Hotter than a buttery roo pouch at midnight.


The upcoming Furry Film Festival (“F3”) was just announced by members of the Utah furry community. It’s supported in-part by the United Utah Furry Fandom (U2F2), whose admin (and festival lead) ChronoWolf put out the 2-minute “coming soon” video. Feast your eyes on the sci‐fi theme, live fursuiters, and a futuristic Salt Lake City (where the fest will be)!

The plan has been brewing for months, and while details remain to be finalized, here’s the rough concept. It will be a short film festival not unlike Tropfest, where filmmakers get a timeframe to submit a short film of a certain length. There will likely be a theme or “signature” that has to be referenced in the films. (Of course it can be open to interpretation – the purpose isn’t to restrict creativity, but to inspire original creations that haven’t appeared elsewhere.)

What counts as a “Furry Film”? Anything made by Furries and/or containing themes relevant to the fandom. It can be any genre.

The formal event website will launch in early 2019, with the official opening for submissions after it (with finalized rules and details). Expect more than an ordinary announcement, including an official short film series made by the event organizers. It will demonstrate the festival’s theme, and come out in parts during the open submission time.

The submission period will be long enough to give makers plenty of time to produce their films. Then, a panel of judges will narrow them down to finalists. These will be showcased at a big screen main event for the public. This will be followed by a live awards presentation in categories like Best Picture.

Depending on the popularity of the first event, it’s hoped for F3 to be annual and turn into the foremost festival of its type in the world.  Please follow the fest on social media, and start gathering friends to make furry films!

Website: FurFilmFest.com (placeholder). Contact: @ChronoWolfMusic or furfilmfest@gmail.com. To learn about Utah Furries, visit utahfurs.org.