Netflix’s Aggretsuko: “We Wish You A Metal Christmas” Special was a Yuletide Treat – by Tempo

by Patch O'Furr

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The smash-hit furry anime Aggrestuko that came out April 2018 is already slated for a second season, but we got a Yuletide treat: a Christmas special.

For those unfamiliar, it stars a red panda named Retsuko, who channels the frustrations of her dead-end office job into death metal karaoke.

The series is built around well-written and expertly-voiced endearing characters, such as Haida (the sweet, but shy hyena who has a crush on her) and their mutual friend Fenneko (a fox whose social media cunning is matched only by her devotion to seeing her friends happy together).

Needless to say, it’s been a hit here in the furry fandom.

Here’s the official announcement from Netflix and Retsuko voice actor Erica Mendez:

And what is the primary cultural significance of Christmas in Japan, you might ask?

Why, it just so happens to be seen as a holiday for romantic partners to do romantic things together.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, it’s easy to get into. With only 10 episodes at 15 minutes each, it’s a quick watch and an anchor of the Netflix Originals lineup.

And if this shot of Aggretsuko doesn’t tide you over, have hope! As I write this, the second season is being made.

In the meantime, you say you still need more Aggretsuko? You’re in luck! As it happens, I recently interviewed the cast of Aggretsuko for Culturally F’d! We talked about furry, feminism, death metal, late-stage capitalism, and anime. You can listen to all four of the interviews here:

– Tempe O’Kun

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