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Great accounts to follow: Furries Out of Context.

by Patch O'Furr

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If you’re a talking animal on social media, Furry Twitter is the place to be. And if you aren’t on there yet, or if you’re new, it may seem like a perplexing jungle of stunning art, cute fursuits, drama, social commentary, memes, nature videos, hitting on corporate mascots, and crazy happenings with a huge fandom of friends who have fun like nobody else. Finding the good stuff could use a guide to bushwhack through the wilderness. Wouldn’t it be cool to get an article series about entertaining and well curated accounts?

These will ask the account owners a few short questions about what they do. Enjoy whether you’re new or like learning more about stuff you already love.

FURRIES OUT OF CONTEXT is putting out so many choice clips!  I never saw this when the show was originally on TV…

Oh god no… no no no….

(Dogpatch Press): What’s the story of your account – was there anything that inspired you to start it, is there anything special about how you curate, and what’s it like to run in general?

(FOOC): I really enjoy watching furry-themed cartoons and movies. I felt that by creating an account that highlights the funniest and most absurd moments in furry media, it’d give me the opportunity to watch shows and movies that I’ve haven’t seen before. I really want to expand my horizons and see new things. Plus, this gives me a chance to share some of my favorite obscure furry moments to a mass audience and maybe inspire others to check out a show or movie they never heard of before. Many parody accounts tend to post memes that are mean spirited — I really want to run an account that is positive and that everyone can enjoy. Things can be funny without making fun of others. With all the negativity in the world today, it’s nice to be able to just laugh at something silly for a few moments and forget about everything else.

Would you like to talk about who’s behind the account?

I’ve been going to furry conventions since 2004. Last year I began to realize that I wasn’t happy with the path my life was heading. I started working out and have dropped 70lbs. I’ve been focusing on self improvement and maintaining a positive attitude. This is the happiest I’ve been in my entire life. I’m looking forward to achieving my life goal of attending a Japanese furcon this year!

What are some of your greatest hits (and why)?

I always loved Trigger Happy TV. I think it’s important for younger furs to experience the “history” of the fandom and see media that was a big deal to us furries back in the early 2000’s.

Sam & Max will always be hilarious, and it makes a good example of how to correctly translate a comic book series into a cartoon.

BoJack is always so relatable.

Would you recommend any other good furry accounts?

I enjoy positive and funny accounts. The comics of , art of , and distinct style of always make smile.

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