Furry Film Festival (F3) welcomes guest judges Jib Kodi, Jesse Cox, Freddie Wong of RocketJump

by Patch O'Furr

Here at Dogpatch, if there wasn’t a Furry Film Festival to report about, we’d start one. Not even kidding. It’s been discussed. I’ve organized furry screenings and shaken my fuzzy tail as a performer in them. So seeing this long-overdue idea come to life means news about it will get shared with great fan love.

New guest judges are being announced since Freddie Wong – now, a fandom animation star is adding support. (Previously seen on Dogpatch: How furry animator Jib Kodi found his art: “When I saw that tail move, I was instantly hooked.”)

FROM THE FURRY FILM FESTIVAL (F3): Jib Kodi Announced As Special Guest Judge

The Furry Film Festival (F3) has announced their second guest judge: Jib Kodi! Even though he only became active in the fandom in 2017, he’s become one of the most well-known animators in it, thanks to his short 10-20 second animations released on Twitter to great popularity. These represent some of the most prevalent themes and subjects in the fandom, from quirky humor or beautiful tributes that bring tears to the eyes (like honoring the late DogBomb).

We’re extremely happy to have Jib Kodi on our judging panel for the Furry Film Festival! He joins Freddie Wong as our 2nd of six judges to be announced. Now let’s hear from the floof himself…

“Hihihihi!! The name is Jib Kodi! I’m a green fox-husky thing that makes cartoons for a living. Also, from time to time, I work on live-action indie shorts, but that’s more of a hobby. Ever since getting involved with furry fandom in spring of 2017, I’ve been making a whole lotta animation and videos during my spare time. I’m most known for over one hundred 10-20 sec animated gifs onTwitter. They often portray mundane life routines based on observations, and personal experiences from the fandom. I thought I’d lose interest after three or five gifs, but hey, I love it! And I’m still at it!

So, what got me into animation? Well, it started with my love for story-telling which goes way back since I was little. It started out with drawing pictures, getting into trouble for making comic books during class. By late elementary year, I fell in love with making silly movies with my classmates. I started to take making & studying movies more seriously during high school. Eventually, the passion for drawing and film started to overlap, which brought me into the path of animation! This got me a degree in film/video, and opportunities to work at TV and feature animation studios.

Ever since jumping into the furry scene, along with the animated gifs, I collaborated on an animated music video with furry musicians Fox & Pepper, and made animated shorts for conventions like Midwest Furfest or Nordic Fuzzcon. I was Guest of honor for Furpocalpyse 2018, Vancoufur 2019, and the upcoming Indyfurcon2019. And now I’m honored to be one of the guest judges along with many other talented artists for the first year of the Furry Film Festival! I’m really excited to see character-driven stories and how each film-maker is going to use the theme ‘Future’ into their shorts! Oh, did I also mention I’m very curious to see how fursuiters are going to pull off subtle acting? Is it possible??? I guess we will find out >:3 ” – Jib Kodi

Following this news, there’s even more to make this event stand out as a crossover event for fandom in media where it’s getting newly recognized.

If you know any furry film makers, tell them about this! If you want to be one, join the Telegram group that has writers, editors, music video makers, and tech helpers looking to team up. Telegram link: https://t.me/joinchat/FpHd60shJVX2upp4VDnd8w

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