5 STAR VISIT: Furry gets Airbnb room in San Francisco, finds furry yiff art on the wall

by Patch O'Furr

When you travel, they say if you want real experiences, go where the locals go and do what they do. But you probably don’t expect to pack a black light.

One lucky traveler went to San Francisco, and got surprised by extra special hospitality with their stay. They had a rented Airbnb room. That can be a crapshoot. Airbnb (the service that lets people rent rooms out of their own houses) has had its share of horror stories. They’ve had orgies, pigsty conditions, con artists, and  hidden cameras; but this time the result was loads of customer satisfaction.

By customer, I mean a furry — and by satisfaction, I mean lovingly framed art of anthropomorphic-animal autofellatio.

“Oh, someone reserved the room! Let’s Google them and see if we can make it more hospitable for them! ……..Oh, a furry. Um…. Well I know one thing they’re known to like.” – JTcheetah

But actually, this customer hadn’t identified themselves as a furry. Neither had the host. It was pure serendipity. This was a match made in San Francisco heaven.

Other furries loved the story and helped identify sources of the art. (NSFW) First there’s a fox orally pleasuring himself with gusto. Look at him go! Then there’s Envy the fox mounting the leopard Aisha. It’s so vividly rendered that one commenter gives it a soundtrack… “The sound of love. “Shplort~” <3″Birthday Sex” shows a blushing male cat getting a backdoor present from a fox. Maybe you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but for horny art lovers, yiff is the gift that keeps on giving.

Artists spoke up to claim credit for their work, including @RainbowFoxyArt and Kei. (Can you imagine such a personal connection with corporate hotel decor?) It wasn’t printed off the internet and posted randomly. I was happy to recognize the artist Ghostblanketboy from an art show I covered at the same location in 2017. This was an exhibition of true fan support for the work of friends. It takes a village to lift the talent of furry fandom (just use protection if you lift tails as shown).

“I am so proud of this community” – Ishmaille

So what kind of furry nest is this? The Red Victorian was once rumored to be a brothel, but now it’s a funky co-op and hotel with permanent co-living and art shows. The yiff display was in a lounge area, so the room was actually family-friendly. I found the rental listing on AirBNB. It’s highly rated by visitors, who notice an aquarium themed restroom, a redwood forest inspired room, and “the Rainbow Room has a resident owl as an alarm clock.

A visitor from 2018 got a Water Bunk in the shared Peacock Room and left a nice review: “The only thing not to my taste was the somewhat explicit furry fan art, (not suitable for kids hence I feel I should mention it) but that does not stop me from full heartedly recommending the place.” Another room listing says:

The Red Victorian is an experimental community run hotel that offers unique guest experiences. While here, we invite you to attend events: lectures & talks, skill shares, music nights, art shows!

Like its people, the space changes frequently and offers surprises and secrets at every turn. We welcome you to explore and discover its various experiences (but please leave shared spaces better than you found them!).

We are dedicated to building a supportive and self-reflective culture around respect and clear communication. By entering into this space we request that you heed these cultural norms. If you have any questions, please ask!

Yes, this is the cultural norm here. If you come from out of town, remember to play along with a polite response: Owo?

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