Interview with Ligoni, Mexican furry and artist of the summer banner.

by Patch O'Furr

Welcome to Ligoni, newest artist in the Dogpatch Press Featured Artist and Banner Gallery.


For a while there have been plans to change the site banner regularly with new artists each time, but it hasn’t been regular. Now it’s getting more budget to pay artists, with support from Mexican furry fandom. (It’s a win-win with good cost and introducing fandom outside the USA.) A long-time Mexican site supporter is coordinating it, who helped commission Ligoni and translate an interview between Spanish and English.

Find Ligoni and his art here:

(Patch:) Hi Ligoni thanks for the art, I love it! Let me ask you, where do you live and can you say a little more about yourself? How long have you been an artist? What’s your favorite character in any entertainment? How did you find furry, and what’s the fandom like where you live?

(Ligoni:) Aaah thank you my friend. I live in México, Mexico City. Previously was known as “Mexico State” but now the whole area is called “CDMX.” The names of my fursonas are: “Ligoni Exe (the black wolf), “Zell Goat” (Alpazelle goat) and “Allegro Duo’Oreo” (racoon). I’m 19 years old and I’m gay.

I remember drawing since I was 2 years old. I found the furry fandom in 2012 and back then I created my fursona Ligoni. I started drawing digitally when I was 14 years old in 2014. It started when I was in high school. One classmate used to send me games and emulators of Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance. In these games was Star Fox 64 and Megaman 64. I played Star Fox and liked it a lot, especially Wolf O’Donnell.

My favorite characters are:

    • Megaman all Sagas
    • Megaman
    • Megaman X
    • Megaman EXE
    • Megaman Legends
    • Megaman Zero
    • Megaman ZX
    • Megaman Starforce
    • And Wolf O’Donnell from the Star Fox series.

After I did some research about them I always ended up on furry art sites. I didn’t know they were furry. Found the comic “Dog’s Day of Summer”, from Blotch with ‘Diego’ dingo and all that stuff. Then I found furries under their names in Facebook. But I only got in these network when I was 15. I introduced myself in Zootopia furry groups with some traditional drawings.

I haven’t had the chance to go to any furmeet or Confuror (The Guadalajara furry convention) or any other event. But they look very great. I managed on my own to meet some furry artists and fans here in CDMX. Unfortunately for me, I still live with my parents and they are a little bit overprotective. I only have escaped 3 times to visit furry friends.

I talked to a friend in the USA who traveled to Confuror and said that it was one of the best and most friendly cons that he ever went to. It gives me an idea that furry fandom in Mexico is a little closer to the earlier days of US fandom before things got so big. I bet there are a lot of fans who haven’t met each other yet there. I also met the popular artist Senor Nutria at Further Confusion 2018, it was his first visit to a con!

It’s in here:

If you get a chance to go to any cons, are there any besides Confuror that you would pick to visit first? Can you tell me anything about what it’s like to talk to or make friends with other furries in Mexico? Is it mainly because of gaming, or art, or other things?

Also would you welcome anyone to come visit from outside of Mexico and who would you invite first?

If I have a chance at some point, I could go to a meet that is organized in the center of Mexico City. The other would be Confuror de Guadalajara Mexico
although it is somewhat more expensive. If I anticipate I could get an early bird reservation (for hotels.) And I see that the Furcan de Puebla Mexico are also very popular. Some of the artists who were there were Sora, Dez, and Wolffox.

I’m still not certain which one I would go to first but I’m close to the CDMX Furmeet. Although I commonly see artists in ComiCon Mole like Gab Shiba.

3 things (art, games and other) are main talk topics in Mexican groups. There’s a lot of videogames especially oldies like Banjoo-Kazooie (who, by the way is now in Super Smash Bros Ultimate) or Crash Bandicoot. But the gaming also covers current games like ‘League of Legends.’ I only talk about Megaman and Star Fox, but they also share their favorite games and make conversation.

In art, I personally learn a lot about others. A long time ago I stepped away from traditional drawing and have a year without doing it. I may start drawing again with ‘Inktober’ this year.

Getting back to business, when talking with friends they share their physical drawings and school is always a topic. For the rest, we talk about couples, LGBT things, anime and random things always pop up. Actually, I only have contact with 5 people outside the virtual world. I’m new in this and would like to have more of these real experiences. If I could live alone or in my own house or had enough money.

I would invite first… Tough choice. I would invite Jale Swiftpaw from Chile, or JC Fox from Germany.

The main reason I don’t go out is because my parents. That aside I don’t have anything in the way.

Thanks Ligoni for sharing your awesome skills, maybe we’ll meet some time because I would love to visit Confuror myself.

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