DJ UltraPup barks about what it’s like to be on stage the first time at Anthrocon.

by Patch O'Furr

(Patch:) It sounds like you had a blast at Anthrocon! I wanted to ask you about your first time DJing a big con. What’s your story and how did you end up there? Was it your first furry con, or just first time on stage at one?

(DJ UltraPup:) I’m a member of the pup community and I have been for quite some time. I am also however a member of the furry community, and one of my big goals is to try and bridge the divide between furries and pups. When a friend of mine suggested I apply to DJ at Anthrocon, I thought why not. I’m well known in the DC area as a circuit DJ and I have 3 club residencies, so I applied, and sure enough they picked me to play Saturday night at 11pm. AC was my first major con. I had gone to FurTheMore earlier this year just to check it out, but this was my first time DJing a furcon, and it won’t be my last.

Congrats for that. Are you newer to furries? How did DJing at AC compare to your usual gigs?

Thank you, this is actually a funny question when I look back on it. For the longest time I’ve been furry adjacent. A lot of my ex’s were furries, so I’ve always been familiar with the fandom. I went to my first con earlier this year for one day at Furthemore, and that was really cool. It was there that one of my friends suggested I apply for AC.

I come from the pup community, and after my gig at AC, the furry community has embraced me and welcomed me in as one of their own, and more or less adopted me. So now I’m happy to say I’m officially part of the fandom. I even have a partial fursuit now.

I’ve been very lucky to have been given the chance to play so many gigs and venues all around the east coast and the D.C area. For me, having residencies in D.C means I get to do what I love for a living. That being said, playing AC was one of the coolest events I think I’ve ever been a part of. The stage was amazing. The crew was incredible. My fellow DJ’s were awesome, and went out of their way to support me DJing in a pup hood and making me feel welcome.

As for the actual event part, I can’t put into words what it’s like looking out on the dance floor from the stage, and seeing the stage packed with furries and the floor packed with furries, all in fursuit jumping and dancing to your music. It’s impossible to put into words, it’s just something I’ll never forget.

Will you DJ more furry cons now? 

I will DJ more cons. As a matter of fact, I have confirmed one or two more at least, and will apply for a few other large ones. I’ll be at IFC, WPAFW, and Furrydelphia. I also applied for MFF.

Do you organize events yourself? And how would you say this compares to more mainstream event or music business? It seems to me that there’s few people getting paid for the effort, and more of a sense of doing it for the love of it.

As for my own events, I’m working with another DJ in the community named Pilot to launch a joint event for puppies and furries that will run once a month in D.C.

Being a DJ by trade for work, I’ve played both mainstream club events and cons and everything in between. I would definitely say that those who DJ the furry cons are doing it for love for the community, or love for music. I applied for AC out of love for the music and the puppies and furries. I knew I wasn’t going to get paid but I wanted to DJ in my pup hood and try to bridge some of the divide between them. Watching the amount of effort that my fellow DJ’s put in was amazing, to see the passion we all had for what we do, and you could clearly see it in the product that was presented.

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