The Furry Music Anthology releases “A Song Of Your Sona.”

by Dogpatch Press Staff

Here’s a new initiative to bring together the musicians of the furry fandom, and give them a collective platform to share their music and be recognized.

The Furry Music Anthology plans to release “Anthrologies”: a series of themed albums, filled with tracks by various musicians. They recently released the very first album of that series, “A Song of Your Sona“. It’s free!

Get it here:

  1. Bob Drake – On Fursonas 2:17
  2. Mark Nichols – Bramble 3:03
  3. What Eyleth Thee? – The Wolfing 2:38
  4. The messangers – Forgive and Forget 3:30
  5. Ruky – Fire Escape 4:44
  6. Nichibotsu – Galactic Shakes 4:53
  7. Jaiko – Dragon Incoming 3:10
  8. Phozon – Look For It 4:05
  9. Aniwix – Energyzed 4:52
  10. Ikodo – Scavenging for Parts – Ryou’s Theme 4:43
  11. Jayden Raske Productions feat. Birds of Paradise and Ruky – Tale of the Two Thunder Wolves 7:14
  12. Draks – The Approach of Autumn 6:23
  13. Leon Gremonceaux – Leon’s Overture 8:10

Musicians within the furry fandom are just as varied as the visual artists — but rarely attract the same audiences. There are many furry websites that gather and unite artists to share their works, but such unity hasn’t been shared among the musicians. Now, rather than sit on the sidelines, they’re taking things into their own paws and making a banner to gather under, to share a fair stage with those who have struggled for a spotlight.

The “Anthrologies” will be a series of themed albums. The first one has thirteen musicians each providing a song that ties to their characters, the species, or even the concept of fursonas as a whole. Future plans will provide ever-changing opportunities for musicians of all stripes to make a meaningful contribution and gain recognition. The project is currently expanding reach and preparing for Volume 2. What else is on the agenda? Creating a proper base of operations.

So far they’re grateful to the Furry Musicians group for launching the project. Find them on FurAffinity or Twitter.

For future submissions, they will put out a journal with a link to the entry form. After approval (they want a pretty fair stage for all the musicians) the organizers will give a green light and deadline to make a track. It’s non-profit but will help members to promote themselves.

The Furry Music Anthology currently consists of Camarón the Flamingo, Kiko Picasso, Bob Drake, and another organizer who prefers to remain anonymous.

– Camarón the Flamingo, Furry Music Anthology Founder

More about musicians in the fandom:

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