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A furry pilgrimage to the Adult Swim Festival and the Prancing Skiltaire house, Part 3.

by Patch O'Furr

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Here’s Part 3 for yesterday’s article, which asked: If you could do a furry travel tour, where would you go? When I got invited to the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles for their second animation/comedy/music event, I added a side trip to the nearby Prancing Skiltaire house. That’s a shrine to cartoon animal art made by the founders of the first furry con, who open it to fans by the hundreds. It was all started by an invite from “Dr. Girlfriend.”

Fan video screening at the Prancing Skiltaire

House resident Changa showed parody videos where he recut Disney’s Zootopia to emulate iconic TV show openings. There’s a channel of them that goes with curating videos for Furry.Today, one of many projects run from the house including The Confurence Archive, InFurNation and the Ursa Major Awards.

What Dr. Girlfriend says about visiting:

Going to the “iconic” furry house was interesting. Rod gave Patch & I the “nickel tour” which was awesome! What stood out to me was the vast collection of animal characters, including: ceramics, plushies, anime, drawings, zines, videos & so much more.

They told me that they have furry parties every month that have gotten to around 300 people! Whoah. Also that the local In-N-Out restaurant banned the furries from congregating there because their patio was so small. Hehe. I know a little about being kicked out of venues (public spaces?) as someone who helps organize Bike Parties, which sometimes get into the thousands of bicycle riders having a dance party on the street.

Anyways, everyone was super friendly and they even had Christmas furry art up (before Thanksgiving, but who’s counting?) These guys are immersed in the culture, and there’s even a documentary coming out about the fur-dorks that I got a mini sneak peak of! Look forward to The Fandom in 2020!

The self-proclaimed “dorks” and originators of some of the first furry cons and Prancing Skiltaire house gave us an interesting and informative look into the heart & love & art that goes into a fandom. Also we got dinner together and it was delicious and full of great conversation and good vibes.

Director of ‘The Fandom’ Ash Coyote talks about visiting for a video shoot — look for a trailer launching this week on Black Friday!

Dr. Girlfriend mentioned that we got a look at the documentary that co-director Eric Risher, Chipfox and Ash Coyote have been at work on all year, after a successful $32,000 launch on Kickstarter. Ash is excited to have a trailer almost ready to show. She sent a few words about visiting the house before us, plus photos from the video shoot of Rod and Mark. Ash says:

When we first approached the story of our community’s history, it was a little hard to find a “ground zero” for the birth of the fandom. As with many subcultures, the concepts from which they are built tend to occur in unison and then coalesce into something bigger. This was very much the case with the furry fandom.

Starting in the late 1970’s, Mark and Rod played a pivotal role in the shaping of our early community, and laid the framework for a lot of our community as it exists today. They hosted furry parties at science fiction conventions since the mid 1980’s and put on the first furry con in 1989 (Confurence 0).

Mark and Rod are the grandparents of the furry fandom. They take center stage in our project, and help us to explore our origins in animation, art and community set to the backdrop of the Skiltaire House.

After-travel chat with a few good furs

Patch: Just did an awesome pilgrimage to the holiest shrine of furry.

Chipfox: They wanted shirts from us and I felt bad that we didn’t print extras >.<

Patch: I think they have enough furry stuff though 😉 i still brought them more. Maybe enough shirts will be demanded to make more.

Aris: Where is this??

Changa Lion: Oldest furry house that started in the 80s. Prancing Skiltaire in SoCal.

Arrkay: If someone had the funds to do a travel blog, what would the stops of the “furry pilgrimage” be? Prancing Skiltaire is the obvious place to start. At least one major con per continent? Japan’s fox themed new year or cat festivals?

Cosmo: You’d have to include Anthrocon as the oldest con still running. MFF as the largest. Eurofurence for the oldest in Europe. Japan cat festivals, Chinese New Year festivals might be a good shout too.

Arrkay: Are there major art installations of anthro statues or artwork hung in galleries?

Cosmo: Actually JMoF would be a good one to hit up on the way. I’d chuck the Greyfriars Bobby and Hachiko statues on for the feels angle.

Arrkay: Corporate vacation hellscapes like Disneyland?

Cosmo: See I was about to say that, but at the same time… while they’ve had an influence on furry, they’ve had enough exposure IMHO.

Arrkay: Are there any mascot museums?

Cosmo: The Mascot Hall of Fame? I’d like to see someone do a tour of old-guard furry artists and writers, the Terrie Smiths, TaniDaReals and Olvens of the world. Fandom history’s a big thing for me, I find it fascinating.

Dralen Dragonfox: I think that right now, there would have to be a visit to Toronto during a Kerfluffle or a Howl.

Arrkay: So far the furry pilgrimage would roughly be:

  • Prancing Skiltaire
  • Anthrocon (oldest running)
  • MFF (Largest)
  • Mascot Hall Of Fame (Indianapolis)
  • Disneyland/costume heavy themepark
  • Furry Gathering of China
  • Furry Japan
  • FurDu (Australia)
  • Eurofurence
  • South Afrifur
  • Fox Festival New Year in Japan / Cat Festival Japan
  • Alternative venue furry party (Toronto’s Kerfluffle or similar)
  • Plus any cool statues/art installations or relevant museums.

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2 Responses to “A furry pilgrimage to the Adult Swim Festival and the Prancing Skiltaire house, Part 3.”

  1. Joe G Bear says:

    The Prancing Skiltaire and Disneyland is a must for any Furry visiting Southern California, including our own version of Toronto’s HOWL called TAIL! In Long Beach!! I don’t suffer PCD as much because owner Lenny Sinatra (related to Frank) opens his club The Executive Suite twice monthly with two floors of fluff magic (fist floor the main bar, pool tables and Karaoke) and dance away to EDM on the second floor. This is a must if you bring your fursuit. To add what Arrkay from Culturally F’d mentioned – yes, Anthrocon is the oldest con (originally started as Albany Anthrocon in 1997) but the oldest con ‘continuously run in its original geographic area’ is actually Mephit Fur Meet near Memphis, TN. It started as a pizza party and furmeet inside a Howard Johnson’s Hotel In Memphis, and recently had it’s 23rd Convention this past Labor Day weekend. It’s a great con, small enough to feed all its attendees all weekend!! It’s held outside of Memphis in Olive Branch at Whispering Woods Resort. Thanks Joe G Bear

    • Sy Sable says:

      Actually, the first ConFurence, CF0, was in 1989. Rod and I stepped aside in 1999 with CF 10, and Darrel ran the con until 2003 when CaliFur took over. Darrel said he owned the ConFurence name (he really didn’t), which is why the name was changed. CaliFur ran until 2017 when an alt-right group lied to the hotel and they lost the venue. This means that the CF con ran continuously for 28 years.

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