The diversity of coverage on Dogpatch Press

by Patch O'Furr

Front page news sequencing is part of the art of informing the public. The previous news story and next story posting on the site make quite an awkward juxtaposition.  I’m talking about an article about positive G rated parents and kids stuff, with one about a sex crime story to post just above it. That could make a mixed message.

I usually pad these things but I’m too busy to have something prepped to post between them, so I thought this would make a nice opportunity to address the content and how it works with a certain contradiction built in to furry fandom.

It’s what I call “the big umbrella from Disney to Dirty.” It’s all that stuff under the same tent. Which obviously needs careful handling. AD panels kept near midnight. ID checking for room parties. The first thing to say about this isn’t that it makes risk of the night side mixing with the day side. It’s that every parent did those things before they had kids, and parents are the first ones to protect them. Adult supervision can mitigate most concerns. And I think this fandom is doing an OK job of handling concerns that exist everywhere, from private homes to the Catholic Church.

That’s all, and enjoy a little off the cuff talk here from a curious contact asking for opinions how to write content for furry news.