Furry Raiders sex crime case: Arrest for felon tied to witness tampering and Milo’s “troll school”

by Patch O'Furr

Here’s a wild story that has all this: Internet harassment, the disgraced alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos, the furry fandom pariah Foxler (known for stories in Rolling Stone and Newsweek about neo-nazi furries and his Furry Raiders group), his right-hand man “Sneps” who has a felony record, and their plan to frame a witness for sex crime that Foxler is charged for doing. There was even a bungled plan to target me for reporting. It blew up in their faces, put “Sneps” behind bars, and leaves the crime witness needing vindication after being framed.

If you were Foxler — AKA Lee Miller of Fort Collins, CO — what would you do if:

If you were Foxler, how would you defend from these charges? Maybe get a good lawyer or well-regarded community member to help clear your name?

A smart person with a good future could do that. That’s not Foxler. He got his close friend and Furry Raiders admin, known as Flare or Sneps, and they cooked up a scheme to get him out of trouble by attacking the sources. I helped uncover it and report it to the police, with this result:.

Where is Sneps? WHO is Sneps? Colorado resident Jacob Kovar was arrested on December 10 after intimidating the witness in Foxler’s case.

Jacob Kovar says he was born in Russia. He became close enough to Foxler to hang out with his mom at his house in Fort Collins (calling it “Raiders HQ.”) Jacob/Sneps gained notice as a Furry Raiders defender in April 2018, using the name Flare in an apologistic article at the Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Flare Tigersnow, another member of the Raiders who wished to remain anonymous, said the portrayal of the group is entirely inaccurate.

The intrepid journalist who quoted him in 2018 didn’t notice that this great source was under indictment for a felony. Soon after denying the accuracy of the Furry Raiders reputation, Jacob was convicted for a felony with an 18 month sentence (with early release). UPDATE: more court records found in 2021 indicate that Kovar is a registered sex offender.

Mug shot for Kovar’s 2018 felony conviction. He has a sex offense on record here.

After his release, Jacob/Flare/Sneps worked as a lead admin in the Furry Raiders. He also became a high level member of a “professional troll school” started by Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo’s school advertises a mission to teach people how to be “internet terrorists” — with high payments solicited by Milo for teaching tactics to abuse and harass people. It was no surprise when I found Sneps had ties to the Kiwifarms harassment site. (More about this below.)

While doing “internet terrorism”, Jacob led Furry Raiders and Milo fans to think he was a counterterrorism intelligence gatherer, DHS liaison, and “Navy Sergeant” — which he used to push political smear propaganda about lefties to gullible group members. But military members are calling it a lie for Stolen Valor.

Foxler’s spy inside — Furry Raiders infiltrating convention staff.

Most astonishingly, those tactics helped Jacob/Flare/Sneps to gain the trust of furry convention runners, and a staff position under another name: “Dodger”. As Dodger, he was a volunteer at Denfur – at the same time as it was was targeted by a fake room booking scheme to attempt to destroy the con’s financial base led by Furry Raiders(!)

That staff credential led to being named Head of Security at a new con in Wyoming, Furever West. (I don’t have any reason to be suspicious at them. Volunteers get no access to private info, and the cons he was going to staff didn’t happen yet. They’re now aware and taking action.)

Official statement I received: “Dodger Shep is no longer affiliated in any capacity with Furever West.”

When Dodger reached out to me, the staff positions sounded impressive at first, and a good way to get my attention. Of course the plan was to gain my confidence too, and troll me into boosting the Furry Raiders’ corrupt scheme.

It started with a tip about an alleged child rapist. There was a Telegram doxing channel, and a request for me to raise the issue in public. I engaged the tip, but the more questions I asked, the fishier it got. Why did Dodger keep making excuses when I asked for police docs he claimed to have? After I told him to put up or shut up, why did the Telegram doxing channel disappear and move to a new channel that had me blocked?

The Furry Raiders scheme to frame a young crime witness. 

Jacob/Sneps was still on probation for his previous felony when the Foxler Defense Plan started. The idea was to groom or pressure the witness to Foxler’s crime to get the charges dropped. It would use a carrot and a stick. Jacob/Sneps would falsely befriend the witness and pretend to give advice for how to overcome problems they were making for him, while intimidating him with threats that he could be charged for false reporting.

They didn’t know:

  • The witness can’t drop charges — the state brings the charges, so cases go forward even if witnesses don’t want to.
  • Their scheme was being watched, documented and reported.

By the time Dodger contacted me, the witness was accused in public of crimes with children, and doxed with urging to call and harass his father. I worked to check claims about the witness, and reached someone named as a possible victim. He said it was lies from the Furry Raiders.

The witness suffered a lot of hard harassment and banning in the community. The arrest is exculpatory, and as far as I’ve been able to find from many sources, it happened because people were conned to smear him. I only found evidence that pointed to lying by the Furry Raiders, which needed police handling — and more. The police can’t stop the community from smearing someone. Reporting and FIXING falsehoods is needed, and it calls for remembering that Furry Raiders had an arrest for causing injustice.

Jacob Kovar was on probation for a previous charge, so I believe his new arrest led straight to jail.

Verifying ID for a con artist felon.

From the evidence folder and Facebook

Verifying ID was a bit complicated because Jacob/Flare/Sneps/Dodger had a habit of spreading lies wherever he went, even in casual chat. There was a wrong age. A wrong name on an old Facebook page. Fake jobs. But one thing that stood out between his many accounts was arrogant boasting about things like his cars.

  • JACOB KOVAR is FLARE. The alias is deleted in many places, but archived. Telegram accounts @MynameisFlare, @Sneps and @tigersgomow in the Furry Raiders chat were tagged as the same. (Archived if Foxler deletes records). His Linkedin page has a company Kovartacus Limited, registered to him at 195 Xenon St, Lakewood, CO 80228. The Kovartacus site says Flare. (Linkedin also shows him employed by Foxler’s employer BioMatrix — think he pulled strings with the boss to hire a felon?)
  • JACOB KOVAR is SNEPS. The Telegram userpic for Sneps is Flare’s art. Facebook.com/snepcity is Jake Kovar. Look at the header photo of a white Audi.
  • JACOB KOVAR is DODGER. On Twitter, see the header photo of a white Audi? It’s ALMOST the same as Facebook, but these have two distinct photos taken inches apart. They aren’t just downloaded from the web. They’re from the same source.
  • The mug shot photo helped two conventions confirm that it’s the same person.

Fake military claims, Milo’s troll school, and the Kiwifarms smear attempt. 

Jacob’s claims to be active duty in the navy were rejected by many watchers who have been in the military. These were posted to the Furry Raiders, and Milo’s group for a failed stunt to troll Midwest Furfest.

Jacob was also active in a hate group owned by a member of Milo’s MFF chat — Civil Furs. (It was a source of evidence tying the Proud Boys hate group to alt-right furries.) That’s where Jacob mentions “medical retirement” from the military.

Right when Jacob was trying to con me through Twitter as “Dodger”, he was promoted to admin of another group owned by Milo.

Telegram is the last refuge for Milo after he was deplatformed from other services; this article about his Twitter ban explains how he used to mobilize 300,000 followers as a troll army fed by the Gamergate harassment movement. Using them for racist attacks helped sell books and his brand as a professional troll.

With his former following dwindled down to dregs, and deprived of targets, Milo is trying to monetize them on Telegram. The scam is almost creative in a gross way: pitting them against each other. Rewards for the suckers include being able to silence a member for a day or buy admin roles. Telegram generally has no monetizing, but Milo has few options, making a sad comment on everyone involved. Especially when people running this MLM-like service are felons who can’t stop getting arrested.

On December 4, shortly after Jacob/Dodger’s last Twitter message to me, the subject we discussed turned up on harassment site Kiwifarms. Accusation of witness tampering in Colorado came from a sockpuppet account, making fake smears like the ones targeting the witness. Our private chat makes a single source.

I hope Jacob enjoys his article — next time they let him back on the net!

Imagine paying for troll school and failing so hard. Maybe his jail will have education for inmates so they stop putting themselves inside.

New charges for Foxler?

If there’s anything better than watching one loser dig his own grave and jump in, it’s watching two take each other down. What will this mean for Foxler’s case? I hope a jury gets to hear him defend framing a witness (when do innocent people do that?) Watch for his next court date coming up in January. But remember the main reason for this article is to support people harmed by this kind of crime, harassment, and sheer dipshittery.

[EDIT: A few editorial words edited because less is more and make up your own minds.]

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